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  • Can bats reduce nut farmers’ pesticide use?

    Can bats reduce nut farmers’ pesticide use?

    Ecologist Katherine Ingram is on a quest to quantify the economic value of insect-eating bats in walnut groves.For the past three years, Katherine Ingram has had a most unusual summer job: catching bats and studying their droppings to see what they eat. A doctoral student in ecology at the University of California, Davis, Ingram is exploring the role bats can play as winged so


Equipment & Solutions

  • Straight Bar Topper-Hedgers

    Straight Bar Topper-Hedgers

    One of the most versatile machines in the industry, our Straight Bar Topper-Hedgers are designed for selective cuts from tree to tree. These machines offer a cost-effective way to hedge, tip or roof top your walnuts and pecans. The narrow cab, flotation tires and heavy-duty, yet lightweight design allows us to perform effectively in many orchard situations.