Pecan Farming

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Biomass Cooking Fuel - Case Study

    The two case studies below demonstrate the production of cooking charcoal using Pyrocal CCT in two very different economic and country settings. Carbon Roots International The mission of Carbon Roots International (CRI) is to enable the adoption of sustainable green charcoal in Haiti and the broader developing world. CRI’s endeavours are supported by various aide agencies.


Equipment & Solutions

  • Truck-Mounted Straight-Blade Tree Transplanting Spades

    Truck-Mounted Straight-Blade Tree Transplanting Spades

    Dutchmans straight-blade 50” truck mount is ideal for digging up to 5” trees. The overall weight of the unit is light enough to go on a 19,000GVW, single-axle truck. Minimum cab-to-axle needs to be 84 inches. Built with the same quality and durability you have come to know from Dutchman.