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  • Accessible Photosynthesis System
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    Accessible Photosynthesis System

    By ADC BioScientific Ltd

    Our LCi T Accessible Photosynthesis System is the most compact and portable on the market, weighing only 3kg. Earlier models in our LCi series have extended the remit of photosynthesis research to habitats that were ...

  • Intelligent Photosynthesis System
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    Intelligent Photosynthesis System

    By ADC BioScientific Ltd

    The LCpro T is the intelligent photosynthesis system from ADC BioScientific Ltd., with full microclimate control. Building on the success of the LCpro-SD, the LCpro T adds a large, colour, touch screen display, RGB and ...

  • Ultra Compact Photosynthesis System
    Showcase Product

    Ultra Compact Photosynthesis System

    By ADC BioScientific Ltd

    Weighing just 2kg, the LCi-SD is our smallest, lightest and most compact portable photosynthesis measurement system ever. Full functionality, graphical display, flow control and flexible data logging, to ...

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  • /files/6063/images/covers/9781402067075.jpg

    Photosynthesis. Energy from the Sun

    The Proceedings of the 14th International Congress on Photosynthesis is a record of the most recent advances and emerging themes in the discipline. ...

  • Photosynthesis: Mechanisms and Effects

    Photosynthesis is a process on which virtually all life on Earth depends. To answer the basic questions at all levels of complexity, from molecules ...

  • Photosynthesis and the Environment

    Photosynthesis and the Environment examines how photosynthesis may be influenced by environmental changes. Structural and functional aspects of the ...

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  • Phenometrics, Inc.

    Phenometrics, Inc.

    Phenometrics, Inc. is dedicated to the advancement of research and development in photosynthesis by delivering innovative solutions for researchers ...