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  • Advanced Photosynthesis Measurement System
    Showcase Product

    Advanced Photosynthesis Measurement System

    By ADC BioScientific Ltd

    The new LCpro-SD has succeeded the LCpro+. The LCpro-SD builds on its predecessor with improved data storage, measurement range, portability, microprocessor and other benefits to create a new generation of ...

  • Quadgeneration Systems
    Showcase Product

    Quadgeneration Systems

    By Clarke Energy

    Quadgeneration systems are some of the most advanced gas engine driven power plants in the world. Quadgeneration encompasses the features of a trigeneration system, with combined electricity, heat and cooling but in ...

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  • Photosynthetic Rate and Dynamic Environment

    Photosynthetic Rate and Dynamic Environment

    This book deals with photosynthesis and growth of plants/crops from an environmental engineering and environmental physics point of view. A theory to ...

  • Photosynthesis in Algae

    Photosynthesis in Algae

    This book introduces the reader to algal diversity as currently understood and then traces the photosynthetic structures and mechanisms that ...

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  • ADC BioScientific Ltd

    ADC BioScientific Ltd

    ADC Bioscientific, the preeminent manufacturer of instruments to monitor gases, plant biology, and soil CO2 flux. For the investigation of plant ...

  • Sistema Azud, S.A.

    Sistema Azud, S.A.

    Azud Group is among the world leaders in filtration, giving solutions to the optimization of the quality of water in industrial, agricultural and ...