Plant Growth Chambers

Equipment & Solutions

  • Dew Formation Chamber
    Showcase Product

    Dew Formation Chamber

    By CLF Plant Climatics GmbH

    You will find one dew chamber in the market – and that one is manufactured by Percival Scientific. Our dew chambers employ the most recent technology to simulate the actions of the natural elements commonly ...

  • Plant Growth Chamber
    Showcase Product

    Plant Growth Chamber

    By Nordic Scientific & Natural Solutions AB

    Double walled, inner made of Stainless Steel 304 quality, outer made of thick best quality Mild Steel the surface of which is primer coated for anti rusting and is duly enamel/ powder coated paint. Insulation between ...

  • LED Plant Growth Chambers
    Showcase Product

    LED Plant Growth Chambers

    By Hettich Instruments

    Hettich LED Plant Growth Chambers use an advanced LED lighting system to increase throughputs and decrease operation costs. Their highly efficient LED lights deliver uniform lighting throughout the chamber and virtually ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Percival Scientific, Inc.

    Percival Scientific, Inc.

    Percival Scientific engineers environmental growth chambers for the superior control of temperature, humidity and lighting for universities, ...