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  • Diesel Engine Floating Fish Feed Extruder

    Diesel Engine Floating Fish Feed Extruder

    Experienced Fish Feed Machine Manufacturer. Quality Assurance, Wholesale Price. Inquiry Now!For making fish pellets, most of people will pick floating fish feed pellet extruder. As the fish feed pellets floating above the water is effortless to be ate via the fishes. Meanwhile, it can limit the air pollution of the fish feed. The floating fish feed pellets i


Equipment & Solutions

  • Jet-Fill Tensiometers

    Jet-Fill Tensiometers

    The Jet-fill tensiometer basically has the same components as the standard tensiometer but is equipped with a reservoir and a refill mechanism. At a push of the button the Jet-fill mechanism instantly injects water from the reservoir into the body of the tensiometer and removes accumulated air. This tensiometer can be provided in different lengths as well.

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  • The Talks on Infectious Diseases

    The Talks on Infectious Diseases

    The invasion of foreign agents to pillage on the organism’s tissues which lead to proliferation and constant increase in toxins are often coined as Infectious Diseases. Over 50,000 people fall prey and lose their lives with these infections. In the past 20 years over 30 new infectious diseases have been emerged to threaten the millions of people for which most of them do not have the ...