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  • Stabilized Propagation Trays for Professional Grower
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    Stabilized Propagation Trays for Professional Grower

    By Quick Plug

    FlexiTrays consist of stabilized plugs made of peat, other organics and a foam binder. The plugs’ consistent moisture control and high aeration reduce rooting times which means a faster crop turnaround for you. ...

  • Propagation Plug
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    Propagation Plug

    By Jiffy International AS

    The Vitro-Plug™ system is an innovative method to cultivate and process all conceivable seed- and tissue cultures. Because of the stable media of the Vitro-Plug™ system, a higher success rate is ...

  • 3-tray Propagation System
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    3-tray Propagation System

    By American Hydroponics

    Hydroponic 3-tray propagation system with 972 plant sites for consistent nurturing of seeds into seedlings, growing fodder, microgreens or spring mix greens. Designed for the Get Growing NFT 1200 hydroponic system but ...

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  • Aris BV

    Aris BV

    Aris is a high tech company in Eindhoven, the capital of Brainport the Netherlands, specialized in the development, production, installation and ...

  • Modiform


    Modiform is a producer of packaging and growing systems for horticulture: flowerpots, propagation and cuttings sheets and transport trays. We deliver ...

  • Future Fynbos

    Future Fynbos

    Future Fynbos is a privately owned breeding initiative, focusing on the selection and breeding of mainly Leucadendron, Protea, Leucospermum and some ...

  • GardenPost


    GardenPost’s range of top quality bulbs and plants are for sale right here along with Wildflower World’s amazing wildflower and garden flower seeds. ...

  • Florist Holland B.V.

    Florist Holland B.V.

    Innovative Gerbera breeding, high quality products and global services. That's what you can expect from Florist. Supported by our worldwide network ...