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  • Root Zone Heating System
    Showcase Product

    Root Zone Heating System

    By Magen eco-Energy

    A lot of energy and effort is invested in making sure that plants grown in greenhouses receive the most attentive and meticulous care. Ensuring that the growing process of the plants is controlled and fast is ...

  • Dual Tine Ripper
    Showcase Product

    Dual Tine Ripper

    By Radium Engineering

    During their research and development campaigns in conjunction with the former Agricultural Technical Services, Radium identified a need for deep-rip traffic control applications in some parts of South Africa. The ...

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    Rhizosphere: Achievements and Challenges

    Described by Hiltner over a century ago (1904), the rhizosphere is defined as the fraction of soil influenced by plant root activities. This dynamic, ...

  • Bacterial Wilt Disease

    Jointly published with INRA, Paris.Bacterial wilt, caused by Ralstonia solanacearum, is a very destructive plant disease that attacks over 450 ...

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    Iron Nutrition in Plants and Rhizospheric Microorganisms

    This book uses an interdisciplinary approach to provide a comprehensive review on the status of iron nutrition in plants. International scientists ...

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    Microbial Activity in the Rhizosphere

    The rhizosphere is a very complex environment. The interactions among microorganisms and the plant roots are essential for the nutrition, growth and ...

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    Microbial Root Endophytes

    Plant roots may not only be colonized by mycorrhizal fungi, but also by a myriad of bacterial and fungal root endophytes that are usually not ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • RootX


    RootX introduced and patented as a root control formula in 1994. RootX was engineered to limit the exposure issues and environmental impacts that ...

  • Urbanscape


    Urbanscape is part of global company Knauf Insulation with more than 30 years of experiences in manufacturing rock mineral wool. We are focusing on ...

  • Water Blossom Creations, LLC

    Water Blossom Creations, LLC

    Water Blossom Creations is a unique root watering tool that helps in watering the root system better by deeper penetration. The tool can enable water ...

  • Chrysanthemums Direct

    Chrysanthemums Direct

    We offer the widest range of Chrysanthemums available to the UK market, with over 400 varieties for both growing in the garden and exhibition. Our ...

  • Geoflow, Inc.

    Geoflow, Inc.

    Geoflow has actively specialized in SDI since 1985. These patented technologies completely solve root intrusion and biological plugging problems for ...