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  • YZYX70ZWY Integrated Oil Press

    YZYX70ZWY Integrated Oil Press

    YZYX70ZWY is a integrated oil press combined the function of roaster(heating the raw materials), the oil pressing and the oil filtering. It has advantages of easy operation and high oil yield. Main equipment parameters of YZYX70ZWY Integrated Oil PressModel YZYX70ZWY Capacity(t/24h) 0.8 Residual Oil in cake(%) ≤7.8 Power Of Pressing(kw) 4 Powe


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  • Plant RNA Kit

    Plant RNA Kit

    The chemistry underlying the innuPREP Plant RNA Kit, which has been specially adapted for isolating plant materials (e.g. leaves, caulis, root, blossom), guarantees highly efficient lysis and effectively deactivates endogenous and exogenous RNases. The innuPREP Plant RNA Kit contains two Lysis Buffers in order to process as wide a range as possible of different plant materials, particularly plant ...