Root Balling

Equipment & Solutions

  • Electric Rootbal Machine
    Showcase Product

    Electric Rootbal Machine

    By Schrauwen Machinebouw Zundert

    Electric rootbalmachine available with 380v of 220v engine.

  • Vertical Lift
    Showcase Product

    Vertical Lift

    By Pazzaglia S.r.l.

    This device allows you to vertically raise the cutting unit of 35 cm (13,78 in.). It can be mounted on FZ 90, FZ 110 and FZ 120. On FZ 110 PLUS and FZ 120 PLUS this device is standard.

  • Rootball Lifter
    Showcase Product

    Rootball Lifter

    By MDE Machinebouw BV

    Rootball lifter assembled on swivelling hydraulic arm for mounting on a tractor etc. Through quick change paths can this machine digging trees with root ball of 50, 60 and 70cm diameter. The MDE lifting unit can get ...