Rose Farming

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  • Jet
    Showcase Product


    By Greensiem srl

    Jet “d.T.” adjustable rose with smooth surface.

  • Jet
    Showcase Product


    By Greensiem srl

    “PLUVIO” jet at adjustable rose with fins.

  • Cutting and Planting Machine
    Showcase Product

    Cutting and Planting Machine

    By ISO Group Agri Systems BV

    The ISO Cutting and Planting 1800 automates the process of cutting rose cuttings from a rose branch and sticking the cuttings in the pot in one handling. A rose branch who is brought into the machine by hand is analyses ...

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Companies & Suppliers



    We are AAASACORPORATION S.A. , our comercial Brands is Rio Roses and AAALTAROSA. We are located al 86 kilometers at the north of Quito, the capital ...

  • Valle Verde Roses

    Valle Verde Roses

    Valle Verde Roses produces first-class quality roses, providing our clients with a rose that they can feel confident with. Our roses exceed all ...

  • Absolute Roses

    Absolute Roses

    Absolute Roses is located in Tupigachi, 80km. north of Quito and close to the Volcano Cayambe, one of the most beautiful snow covered mountains of ...

  • R.Harkness & Co. Ltd.

    R.Harkness & Co. Ltd.

    The Harkness nursery had its origins in 1879 in Yorkshire, soon becoming well-known as a grower of top quality roses. It was 80 years later that Jack ...

  • Interplant Roses

    Interplant Roses

    At Interplant Roses we are proud of our rich history in rose breeding. For decades Interplant Roses has been one of the world’s most prominent rose ...