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  • Seeding Active
    Showcase Product

    Seeding Active

    By Biocult

    10 liter/0.5 cubicmetre seedling mix +-110 trays 200 holes.

  • Seedling Tray
    Showcase Product

    Seedling Tray

    By Irritory

    Seedling tray (cell trays) are used by commercial growers to produce seedlings for planting out. The seedlings are easily removed from the tray for transplanting and the growth check to transplants from cell trays is ...

  • Prepa-Rosiers Rose Seedlings Cutting Machine
    Showcase Product

    Prepa-Rosiers Rose Seedlings Cutting Machine

    By Mecaflor

    Optimize and secure your production of rose seedlings.

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  • JSC Renergija

    JSC Renergija

    We are specialized willow growers. We are the largest energy willows producer in Lithuania. We have started our activity in spring of 2005 when first ...

  • Al Quds for plastic

    Al Quds Corporation For Plastic was established in 2002 in Al Sadat city aiming to produce and manufacture agriculture film which includes greenhouse ...