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  • Red Beans Color Sorter

    Red Beans Color Sorter

    Model PRO-B3,with capacity 1000-2200 kg/hour Red beans Color Sorter Function LINPRO AI red beans color sorter able to separate the defective red beanss according to the color difference with good red beanss, through blowing the bad red beans out by high frenquency injector. 

  • Artificial Coconut Tree

    Artificial Coconut Tree

    Introduction of Artificial Coconut Palm TreeArtificial coconut palm trees are a great way to add height, shade and tropical fun to the commercial space. Available up to 40 feet in height, these ...


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  • Flowering Trees

    Flowering Trees

    Our flowering trees will create a picturesque scene in any outdoor space, in any season. When spring blossoms arrive, these trees are drenched in lovely, fragrant flowers, which may attract beautiful butterflies and hummingbirds. And you can clip the flowers to create your own natural bouquets. In summer, gorgeous green leaves cover the tree and help to provide gentle, cooling shade. Fall brings ...