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Soft Fruit equipment for Horticulture

  • Premium

    Delta-T - Model WET-2 - Irrigation Research WET Sensor

    In just 5 seconds the WET Sensor checks 3 crucial variables that influence plant growth: water content, temperature and pore water conductivity (ECp), the EC of the water that is available to the plant.

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd. based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Irrigation Monitoring and Horticulture Monitoring Product line

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    FirmTech - Model FT7 - Softfruit Firmness Measurement Instrument

    'Soft fruit' - complete-system consisting of Firmtech FT7 for non-destructive firmness-measurement for cherries, blueberries, etc. -... Including turntable and flat stamp - cable Firmtech FT7 - PC - power supply for 220 V connection - tools for turntable and Stamp Exchange - Getting Started Guide - incl. FruitSoft7 database for operating systems ...

    By UP Umweltanalytische Produkte GmbH based in Ibbenbüren, GERMANY. from Complete Systems Product line

  • Vineyards, Orchards, Hops, Soft Fruit and Fruit Protection

    Platipus Anchors are market leaders in the design, manufacture and supply of Percussion Driven Earth Anchoring Solutions (PDEA’s) for a wide range of market sectors. Founded in 1982, Platipus is renowned for providing some of the most innovative and cost effective anchoring solutions for the Civil Engineering, Landscape and, more recently, ...

    By Platipus Anchors Limited based in Redhill, UNITED KINGDOM. from Product line

  • Kverneland - Model FHS - Grass Chopper

    The Kverneland FHS is a compact and heavy duty machine for moderately demanding jobs in soft and top fruit orchards, vineyards and light undergrowth. It is equally perfect for tidying pasture and chopping straw and stubble. The Kverneland FM is suitable for tractors up to 80 hp. It is available in 1.55m; 1.85m; 2.00m and 2.30m working width.

    By Kverneland Group based in Klepp St., NORWAY. from Soil Equipment - Choppers Product line

  • Harvista - Pre-Harvest Technology

    To get the best quality and biggest harvest out of your orchard, you need to gain more control over how and when your fruit ripens. With Harvista pre-harvest technology, control is part of the plan from the beginning. With a unique mode of action, you get better control of ethylene response—so fruit matures on your schedule, helping you ...

    By AgroFresh based in Collegeville, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Other Technology Product line

  • Pellenc - Olive Harvest Tool

    A professional product, excellent return on investment, ultra-lightweight and offers exceptional handling. Use a PELLENC multifunction battery or a 12 V battery (the kind of battery used in a car) with a converter.

    By Pellenc SA based in Pertuis cedex, FRANCE. from Fruit Growing Product line

  • Strength - Palm Oil Sterilizer

    Palm Oil Sterilizer is the most commonly used industrial autoclave in palm oil mills operated in single, double or triple peak cycles as batch process to cook palm brunches using high temperature. Palm fruit can easily separate from palm bunches and become soft. Owing to increasing humidity of palm fruit, crude palm oil can be efficiently ...

    By Taian Strength Equipments Co., Ltd based in Taian City, CHINA. from Industrial Autoclave Products Product line

  • BerryProtect - Berries Aphid Species Parasitoides

    It is applied in different crop systems, and in numerous varieties of raspberry and other soft fruit crops. BerryProtect has been used for several years on many hectares of protected berry crops throughout Europe. It is applied to various crop systems (plain soil and hydroponic cultures), and numerous varieties of raspberry and other soft fruits. ...

    By Viridaxis SA based in Gosselies, BELGIUM.

  • Engage Opti-Cal - Foliar Calcium

    Opti-Cal is a foliar calcium delivery product which moves calcium in a completely new direction. Opti-Cal uses a collection of technical advancements to deliver a foliar calcium that works on the leaf like no other calcium fertiliser. Opti-Cal contains a unique MAS calcium package plus the natural organic chemistry of its Bio-Chel chelation; these ...

    By Engage Agro Europe Ltd based in Chorley, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Dovetail - Model CDT3010_BH - Incline Conveyors

    After a season of caring for your fruit, and harvesting with care, don’t start off your packing line with a rough and rigid wire belt! Start it with our special dovetail feed system with the state-of-the-art “New Wave Belt” by A&B! A&B’s Dovetail Incline Conveyor discharges product gently and dramatically reduces ...

    By A & B Packing Equipment, Inc. based in Lawrence, MICHIGAN (USA). from Cleaning & Grading - Feed Systems Product line

  • Dovetail - Model CDT3010_SH - Incline Conveyors

    After a season of caring for your fruit, and harvesting with care, don’t start off your packing line with a rough and rigid wire belt! Start it with our special dovetail feed system with the state-of-the-art “New Wave Belt” by A&B! A&B’s Dovetail Incline Conveyor discharges product gently and dramatically reduces ...

    By A & B Packing Equipment, Inc. based in Lawrence, MICHIGAN (USA). from Cleaning & Grading - Feed Systems Product line

  • Autumn Fruiting Marvel

    If you want to still believe that winter is not imminent, then one thing that will reinforce this notion is to have fresh fruit in your garden. I know fresh fruit is always available in the supermarket, either as cool stored or fresh imported but that really shouldn't be put up against garden fresh! The garden fresh fruit I'm talking of is the ...

    By Southside Garden Centre based in Hokitika, NEW ZEALAND.

  • Richel - Multi Tunnel Greenhouses

    A multi-tunnel range ideally suited to growing soft fruit and vegetables. Richel’s range of multi-tunnel greenhouses offers a simple and economical solution to the needs of producers of red fruit, but also of vegetable growers. This new range uses Richel’s technology and quality that has already been proven in its tunnel and ...

    By Richel Group based in Eygalieres, FRANCE. from Plastic Greenhouse Product line

  • Bomet - Model Indus - Flail Mowers

    Flail mowers Indus are designed to destroy crop residues, to mulch meadows and pastures, and to crush chopped branches of shrubs (max. diameter 30 mm) on soft fruit fields and orchard. The machine can be equipped with Y type knives or hammers. The Y knives are designed for mowing the grass, while the flail hammers are used for shredding small ...

    By Bomet Sp. z o.o. s.k. based in Węgrów, POLAND. from Other Products Product line

  • Container and Soft Fruit Substrates

    Here you can find our container substrates for tree nurseries and soft fruits. By using high quality, well structured and certified resources, Brill substrates for container and soft fruit substrates reach high levels of air capacity, have great drainage characteristics and good structural stability. They are well suited for ...

    By Gebr. Brill Substrate GmbH & Co. KG based in Georgsdorf, GERMANY. from Professional Substrates Product line

  • Model B10 - Compact Bedformer for Fruits and Horticulture

    Our adjustable Cosmeco bedformers are equipments of excellence to which is entrusted the creation of the seedbeds - that is the last and important step for soil preparing – for the harmonious development of the roots and the plant, with optimum and visible results on the quality of the crops.

    By Cosmeco s.r.l based in Ostiglia (MN), ITALY. from Bedformers and Plastic Mulch Layers Product line

  • Lynx - Fruit Sizing Equipment

    Lynx fruit sizing equipment is manufactured from high quality materials with a high standard of finish and durability.  Components are custom made in house with the aid of the latest CAD draughting software and all our fruit sizing equipment carries a 12 month warranty.  The Lynx cup and chain sizer is one of the most efficient pack ...

    By Lynx Hort Ltd. based in Albany, NEW ZEALAND. from Lynx - Sizer Product line

  • toromol - Vegetative Origin - Liquid Humic Acide

    Product Specialty: TOROMOL contains % 30 (w / w) organic material and % 20 humic fulvic acide plant based organic soil regulator. Shake well before using the product.Fill the tank to with water a 1/3 ratio, add the requirment dosage and then mix well add remaining water to tank. Toromol can be mixed with fertilizers and pesticides except for a ...

    By Makro Tarim Limited Company based in Dosemealti / Antalya, TURKEY. from Liquid Products Product line

  • Kalium - Model 50 - Foliar Potassium Feeds

    Foliar potassium with magnesium and chelated trace elements. Rapidly soluble powder formulation which can be easily applied by tractor or knapsack sprayer.  A specialised foliar feed containing potassium plus sulphur with magnesium and chelated trace elements.

    By Solufeed Ltd. based in West Sussex, UNITED KINGDOM. from Foliar Feeds Product line

  • Atago - Model MASTER-a - Handheld BRIX Refractometer

    Atago 2311 MASTER-a Handheld Brix Refractometer. Brix 0.0 - 33.0%, ±0.2 (minimum scale 0.2%) ATC: Automatic Temperature Compensation:50-86°F (10-30°C). IP65: Dust-tight and protected against water jets(safe to clean up under the tap). This model is used to measure Brix of fruit, fruit juices, soft drinks, etc., and the concentration ...

    By Essex Scientific Laboratory Supplies Limited (ESSLAB) based in Hadleigh, UNITED KINGDOM. from Meters & Sensors Product line

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