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  • Grow Cubes
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    Grow Cubes

    By Botanicoir Ltd

    Botanicoir Grow Cubes have been specifically designed, after many years of research and development, for the propogation of seedlings, cuttings and young plants. The growing media is natural, completely biodegradable ...

  • Compressed Substrate Media
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    Compressed Substrate Media

    By Galuku International Pty Ltd

    Galuku Hydroponic Blocks are available in naked palletized 4.5kg blocks. Planks are also available in a variety of sizes. Both are available in different grades suitable for hydroponic growing media for various crops ...

  • Expanding Coco Coir Plugs
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    Expanding Coco Coir Plugs

    By ROOT!T - HydroGarden Wholesale Supplies Ltd

    Unlike other brands on the market the ROOT!T expanding plugs do not have a netting at the base. This design allows the tap root to grow naturally out of the base of the plug unrestricted, avoiding root strangulation. ...

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  • JB Hydroponics B.V.

    JB Hydroponics B.V.

    JB Hydroponics is specialized in the development and production of hydroponical systems and substrates. We are a well-established and flexible ...

  • Nord Agri

    Nord Agri

    Nord Agri is one of the leading Peat Moss (Agricultural Turf) producers in the Baltic States and Europe. Our peat moss products are being used in ...



    BVB substrates has over 100 years of experience . Our modern production facilities and our desire for perfection makes BVB substrates the ideal ...

  • Sakthi Exports

    Sakthi Exports

    Sakthi Exports is one of the leading Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Supplier, and Exporter Company. It’s located as headquartered in Sivaganga (Madurai) ...

  • Premier Tech Horticulture

    Premier Tech Horticulture

    Introduced in 1968, PRO-MIX has always provided commercial growers and consumers with cutting-edge and value-added growing media products. PRO-MIX ...