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Tree Crops equipment for Horticulture

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    Eijkelkamp Watermark - Model 14.27 - Soil Moisture Measuring System

    Soil moisture sensors that measure the moisture tension in the soil are read out with the soil moisture meter Watermark. The measuring principle is similar to that of the gypsum block system. The special sensors however do not dissolve in the soil and have a more consistent distribution of pores so that more accurate measurements are possible.

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water based in Giesbeek, NETHERLANDS. from Field Measurement Equipment Product line

  • Nutricor - Liquid Fertilizer

    Nutricor is a concentrated, value-added liquid fertilizer that delivers key nutrients, select organic materials and multi-sourced carbon to your crops. It will: Improve soils, Enhance efficiency, Maximize yield.

    By Solutions 4Earth, LLC. based in Henderson, NEVADA (USA).

  • KELIRON TOP - Iron Chelates

    KELIRON TOP contains a high percent of Fe chelated by EDDHA, agronomically the most effective chelating agent for its stability, persistence and ability to release the micronutrient. The ortho-ortho EDDHA isomer, by forming higher amount of bonds with Iron proves more stable if compared to ortho-para type, characterized by a faster action. The ...

    By Biolchim S.p.A. based in Medicina (Bologna), ITALY. from Meso and Micronutrients Product line

  • Multapex - Tubex Bloc Shoot

    Tubex Bloc Shoot guards designed to prevent side shoots. Tubex has adapted their world-renowned tree and vine guards products to reduce maintenance costs with particular crops such as almonds. The addition of a specific light inhibitor suppresses plants natural tendency to produce side shoots. Instead of the normal 3-4 side shoot removal ...

    By Multapex based in Smeaton Grange, AUSTRALIA. from Agriculture and Viticulture Product line

  • Model EDDHSA Fe - Ethylenediamine-N,N-bis (2-Hydroxy 5-Sulfpho) Phenylacetic Acid

    Item Name: EDDHSA iron(Fe) 6%. Chemical Name: Ethylenediamine-N,N’-bis-[(2-hydroxy 5-sulfpho) phenylacetic acid, sodium ferric complex. Application: preventing and curing the disease of leaf-yellows due to iron deficiency.

    By Chengdu Zetian Chemical Co.,Ltd. based in Chengdu, CHINA.

  • Model EDDHA Fe - Organic Fertilizer (25 Kg)

    Item Name: EDDHA iron(Fe) 6%. Chemical Name: Ethylenediamine-N, N’-bis(2-hydroxyphenyl)acetic acid sodium ferric complex. Application: preventing and curing the disease of leaf-yellows due to iron deficiency.

    By Chengdu Zetian Chemical Co.,Ltd. based in Chengdu, CHINA.

  • Proferfol - Model Vital-49 - Potash

    Proferfol Vital-49 is specially suited to increase crops resistance against climatologic adversities: frost and extended dryness. Its special chemical and organic composition avoids crops transpiration and cracking (cherry, apple, tomato, and prune). For glasshouses and transplantation crops, it avoids humidity leakage, in order to get ...

    By Cam-Ferti, S.L. based in Zaragoza, SPAIN. from Potash and Specials Product line

  • Shark - 30″ Brush Cutter Mowers / Mulchers

    The 30″ Shark is our lightest commercial grade boom mounted mulcher and is intended to handle anything from grass to brush to whole trees (to 7 inch diameter efficiently) and stumps. Designed for use on higher power mini and midi excavators and backhoes, the fixed tooth cutting drum, rotatable spherical (or beaver) cutters and high ...

    By Torrent Mulchers based in Sussex, NEW BRUNSWICK (CANADA). from Brush Cutter Mowers / Mulchers Product line

  • Huawei - Model 1820 Dripper Series - Emitter Drip Irrigation

    Work pressure 0.8-2.0 bar, flow rate 2-60l/h. Can be installed on LDPE pipe and suit for crops or fruit trees which planted with big or unequal space between two crops.

    By Shanghai Huawei Water Saving Irrigation Corp., Ltd based in Shanghai, CHINA. from Drip Irrigation Product line

  • Shark - 28″ Brush Cutter Mowers / Mulchers

    Mulches light brush, mows grass, heavy weeds and efficiently removes whole trees up to 5 inches in diameter on light excavators and backhoes. The fixed tooth cutting drum, rotatable spherical cutters and high efficiency direct drive allow this mini-mulcher to deliver maximum punch and durability in a super lightweight package.

    By Torrent Mulchers based in Sussex, NEW BRUNSWICK (CANADA). from Brush Cutter Mowers / Mulchers Product line

  • AZUD - Model DRIP - Multi-Seasonal Dripline

    Ø 16 Models: 1.6L - 2.2L - 4L Nominal Thickness: 0.9 mm - 1 mm. Ø 20 Models: 2.2L - 3.4L Nominal Thickness: 1 mm - 1.2 mm. After 25 years in the market, the results are the most important factor, and the ones obtained by AZUDRIP have been excellent for this period of time. Therefore, nowadays is one of the best selling turbulent flow ...

    By Sistema Azud, S.A. based in Alcantarilla, SPAIN. from Drip Irrigation Emitters - Multi-Seasonal Dripline Product line

  • dynaPOT - Fatal Root Pruning System

    The benefit of air-root pruning is simple; it prevents roots from hitting a rigid container side wall, being deflected, and creating an inefficient and often fatal root system of spiraling and ever-increasingly larger roots with little or no branching. Instead, in our grow bag plants get the benefit of air root pruning, when making contact with ...

    By EcoGreenText, Inc. based in Queens, NEW YORK (USA). from Plantscape Product line

  • Tenax - Shading and Windbreak Nets

    Excessive exposure to the UV rays constitutes one of the greatest risk factors to crops and failure to take the right precautions can result in damaged crops and severe financial losses. The varying climatic conditions throughout the year, together with the slow but constant rising temperatures in the summer months prove conclusively the need for ...

    By TENAX Group / TENAX Spa / TENAX Corporation based in Viganò, ITALY. from Agriculture Product line

  • Inter - Agril Systems

    Stabilized by UV light weight, or UV stabilized in dark color, we offer Nonwoven for Non-woven, Midwort, Malc Control, Home & Garden, Landscaping etc. As known as Spunbond nonwoven creates a micro-climate as Stabilized Plant middle, insects and bird attack, weather and improved light efficiency and healthy product are obtained. Our high-weight ...

    By Inter Seracilik Limited Srt based in Aksu / Antalya, TURKEY. from Inter Agril Product line

  • Cromar - Plant Biostimulant

    cromar contains natural compounds named fructans, which are chains of oligosaccharides of fructose with an action based mainly on alleviating or minimising the effects of high temperatures on the denaturation of anthocyanins.

    By Lida Plant Research S.L. based in Almussafes, SPAIN. from Plant Biostimulants Product line

  • Bayer - Aonidiella Aurantii

    The adult female has a round, slightly convex, leathery covering, 1-2 mm (0.039 - 0.079 inch) in diameter, with a central tip. It is semi-transparent, with a reddish-brown color. The insect itself, which is normally hidden, is light orange-yellow. Males develop under an oval cover, about 1-1.3 mm (0.039 - 0.05 inch) in length, which is smaller ...

    By Bayer Crop Science AG based in Monheim am Rhein, GERMANY. from Crop Pests Compendium Product line

  • VRP Line - Model 800 and 1000 L - 3-Point Hitch Tractor Mounted Sprayer

    Extra-robust Frame, impact-resistant. With a full base. Tank content meter by mech. index on large scale. Autofilter: Automatically continuously flushed. Always free and clean. Powerful mixing. Sedimentation free. Total utilization of the tank content. Rinsing water tank, integrated. Hand washing tank, integrated. Filling hole on the left side. ...

    By Tifone s.r.l. based in Cassana, ITALY. from Agricultural Air Sprayers Product line

  • Cannons Line - Self Propelled Crawler Sprayer

    Self propelled Crawler sprayer, 250 L, with a Spray Cannon with a range up to 28 m in open field and up to 35 m. in the Greenhouse. The Crawler Cannon Sprayer 'Crawliner'. The TIFONE Crawler Cannon Sprayer allows you to access any irregular terrain,

    By Tifone s.r.l. based in Cassana, ITALY. from Agricultural Air Sprayers Product line

  • Model MEn/ ERMES - Multi-Row Rototillers

    The first multi-row rototiller in the world was planned and patented by Franco Badalini in 1960. The actual models are the evolution of those first machines. This model in particular is suited for work in vegetables, assuring a great reliability. This machine distinguish itself for a great mechanical strongness (it has the hexagonal shaft of 41 ...

    By Badalini Srl based in Rivarolo Mantovano (MN), ITALY. from Multi-Row Rototillers Product line

  • Model 82 - Harvester

    This was a modified SSP Harvester model 82. It was purchased by Larry and Darrel Schieler (owners of Schieler Harvester) in 1982. For the 1986 season a cab was added with more modifications and it harvested for the next 6 years. It was then striped to it's frame and built into a model 788 harvester. The same 4 cylinder turbo diesel John Deer ...

    By Schieler Harvester based in Terra Bella, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Tree Crop Harvester Product line

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