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  • Industrial apples harvesting

    Industrial apples harvesting

    The issue of the profitability of producing industrial apples has been widely talked over among fruit growers for several years. The matter of price, fruit quality, harvesting method and sales options are discussed. For several years we can see an increase in interest in an industrial apples production in specially growing orchards. Suitable types of fruits are produced there, and they are picked ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Currant and Berry Harvester

    Currant and Berry Harvester

    JOANNA TRIPLEX is next model in the series of “JOANNA” machines. The harvester is designed for collecting currants, aronia, goosberry, hiprose, raspberry and othrer berry bushes. The application of a “three- shaking- head” guarantees a high crop quality and twice better efficiency in comparison to other half-row harvester.