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  • The Future of Sustainable Agriculture: Urban Farming

    By Dylan Fox: Dylan is a student from the University of Western Sydney and we are delighted to carry this storyAs more people become interested in their food they become more conscious about the farmers they support. Thus, a growing trend of urban farms is developing to satiate the demand for highly-nutritious fruits and vegetables. With the misnomer that people must own land to farm profitably, ...

  • Region of Peel Compost Facility - Case Study

    About the ProjectThe Peel Integrated Waste Management Facility (IWMF) is the largest of its kind in Canada and houses:a single stream Material Recovery Facility (MRF)a waste transfer stationan ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Speed Controlled Fan

    Speed Controlled Fan

    MagFan Plus is a speed controlled fan equipped with a 2,2kW high efficiency motor and comes with a dedicated VFD (MagDrive) that allows MagFan Plus to operate at variable speed from 160 rpm to 750 rpm. Capacity from 2000 m3/h (1180) to 79.490 m3/h (46786 cfm) at 0 Pascal. Air Flow Ratio 0.86 (capacity @ 0.20” WC / capacity @ 0.05” WC). Cfm/watt 23 (measured at full speed (750 rpm) @ ...