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  • For Furniture Laminates
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    For Furniture Laminates

    By Ahlstrom-Munksjö

    Genuine vegetable parchment paper is specially adapted for bonding in CPL and HPL processes. These laminates are used in the furniture industry and building industry. Ahlstrom Sulflex genuine vegetable parchment is ...

  • Belt Presses and Systems
    Showcase Product

    Belt Presses and Systems

    By Flottweg SE

    Outstanding juice quality is the central success factor in manufacturing fruit juice (direct juice), concentrate and vegetable juice. The raw materials have got to be processed quickly, reliably and hygienically so that ...

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  • The Ecology of Browsing and Grazing

    The Ecology of Browsing and Grazing

    Extensive grazing and browsing by domestic and wild herbivores shape the vegetation composition, structure and dynamics of many terrestrial ...