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  • Reducing Mold and Mildew
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    Reducing Mold and Mildew

    By Jenfitch, LLC

    JC 9450 is very effective in controlling mold and mildew.  Using the energy of oxygen radicals, JC 9450 penetrates the mold and mildew quickly without damaging its surrounding.  It has been effective in ...

  • Fresh Produce Storage Ethylene Eliminator
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    Fresh Produce Storage Ethylene Eliminator

    By Bioconservacion SA

    The ETHYLCLEAN (ETH) machines are the best solution for sanitizing air and removing ethylene in fresh produce storage chambers (fruits, vegetables and ornamentals).

  • Ethylene Levels Monitors
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    Ethylene Levels Monitors

    By Bioconservacion SA

    ETHAN is a battery operated portable instrument and serves to measure ethylene levels in chambers for storage, maturation, and ripening of fruit and vegetables. The ETHAN instrument uses an electrochemical detector ...

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  • C Jackson & Sons Limited

    C Jackson & Sons Limited

    Founded in 1910, C Jackson & Sons are a UK based company, specialising in the manufacture and supply of a wide range of good quality, competitively ...

  • A & E Solutions.

    A & E Solutions.

    We are now manufacturing and distributing Multi-Sorb a odour and ethylene gas removing product. Most fruit and vegetables produce ethylene gas as ...

  • Pimi Agro

    Pimi Agro

    Pimi Agro was established in 2004 to capitalize on many years of research in developing eco-friendly solutions for pre and post harvest treatments of ...

  • Asian Power Cyclopes

    Asian Power Cyclopes

    Asian Power Cyclopes is an Engineering Company established by Dr. M. L. Gulati in 1969 with the motto to fight Poverty and creation of Self ...

  • Farm Electronics Limited

    Farm Electronics Limited

    Farm Electronics design and manufacture ENERGY EFFICIENT complete storage systems for Potatoes, Onions and Vegetables. Refrigerated cooling, ...