Vertical Farming

Equipment & Solutions

  • Water Cooled Led Lighting
    Showcase Product

    Water Cooled Led Lighting

    By Netled Oy

    Netled has developed unique water-cooled led lighting that can be combined to heat recovery system. Integrated lighting, led cooling and recovered heat together form a highly energy efficient system, where vertical farm ...

  • Self-Contained Lightweight Aluminum Rack System
    Showcase Product

    Self-Contained Lightweight Aluminum Rack System

    By GreenTech Agro LLC

    The Growrack is a proprietary, self-contained lightweight aluminum rack system which can contain any number of vertical production or propagation levels. The number of levels is determined only by the height ...

Upcoming events

  • Indoor AgTech Summit 2019
    Showcase Event

    Indoor AgTech Summit 2019

    By Rethink Events Ltd.

    The Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit in New York focused on the role that vertical and indoor farming can have in building sustainable, profitable and healthy food systems, and new opportunities for investment and ...

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Companies & Suppliers

  • China Noonty Greenhouse

    China Noonty Greenhouse

    China Noonty Greenhouse is greenhouse manufacturer and hydroponics solution offered from China. We offer from economical tunnel to modern type of ...

  • ZipGrow Inc.

    ZipGrow Inc.

    ZipGrow designs and builds the most installed vertical farming technology in the world. We educate, equip, and empower local farmers to grow better ...

  • Plantagon International AB

    Plantagon International AB

    Plantagon International is the global innovation leader in the sector urban agriculture. Plantagon’s resilient food systems minimize the need for ...

  • Smart Farmers

    Smart Farmers

    Smart Farmers develops and implements innovative systems for sustainable, profitable horticulture. We design vertical farming with LED technology and ...

  • AeroFarms LLC

    AeroFarms LLC

    At AeroFarms, we grow delicious, nutritious food in our state-of-the-art indoor vertical farms. We are a mission-driven company and certified B ...