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  • Economical Shaker
    Showcase Product

    Economical Shaker

    By Panagrotiki S.A.

    Mechanically welded frame - Shaker head independent from the frame, suspended by 4 chains - Oil tank : 30 l (VHB-D) or 140 l (VHE-F) WEIGHT AND DIMENSIONS - Weight : 660 kg (VHB-D-E) or 760 kg (VHF) - Length : 3 m / ...

  • Aesculus x Carnea Briotii
    Showcase Product

    Aesculus x Carnea Briotii

    By Yamina Rare Plants

    (Red Horse Chestnut) Known as the red horse chestnut, this hybrid has very large, coarse textured, deep green leaves. A good choice for a specimen tree being pyramidal in shape when very young and developing into a ...

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  • Flier Systems B.V.

    Flier Systems B.V.

    Flier Systems is a reliable and dependable supplier specialising in the design of customer-specific machinery and systems for the horticultural ...

  • Usewood Forest Tec Oy

    Usewood Forest Tec Oy

    Usewood Forest Tec provides machines and new methods to young forest management. Our purpose is improve the quality of management and ensure early ...

  • Agromelca S.L.

    Agromelca S.L.

    Agromelca, SL manufactures adapted equipment to the type of crop that you have, the type of tree (2-3 feet, young plantation, old plantation, etc.) ...

  • Great Northern Firewood

    We are Duluth’s Premier Firewood Seller. We provide well-seasoned, sustainably harvested firewood to our community within the quarantined area for ...

  • Société Plastique d`Innovation et de Distribution (SPID)

    Société Plastique d`Innovation et de Distribution (SPID)

    SPID is based in Brittany, an important agricultural region in north-west France, and has been at the fore front of the development and production of ...