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  • Weed Cutters
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    Weed Cutters

    By Aquarius Systems

    For exceptional aquatic plant management challenges we offer specialized weed cutting machines. Often used in conjunction with conventional Harvesters, these heavy duty cutters are designed to remediate the ...

  • Forestry Mulchers for Excavators
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    Forestry Mulchers for Excavators

    By Denis Cimaf Inc

    DAH is a high-power, forestry brushcutting-mulching industrial system to be installed on most excavators or other carriers with articulated masts. DAH brushcutter-mulchers are designed for vegetation control work.

  • Soluble Powder Fertiliser with High Content of Potassium
    Showcase Product

    Soluble Powder Fertiliser with High Content of Potassium

    By Biolchim S.p.A.

    K-BOMBER 56is a formulation with a very high content of Potassium which, applied in the appropriate phenological stages, controls excessive vegetative growth and improves the quality (sugar content and colour) of fruit ...

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  • Airtec Sprayers, Inc.

    Airtec Sprayers, Inc.

    Airtec Sprayers was established in 1992 with a mission to provide our customers with a sprayer that efficiently uses chemicals, reduces labor and ...

  • Controlled Environmental Farming Inc

    Controlled Environmental Farming Inc

    CEF’s mission is to engineer, construct and operate agricultural facilities that contain the optimum growing environment for the cultivation of ...

  • FAE USA, Inc.

    FAE USA, Inc.

    FAE is globally recognized in the design and manufacturing of leading-edge vegetation control, rock crushing, mulching and soil stabilization ...

  • Denis Cimaf Inc

    Denis Cimaf Inc

    DENIS CIMAF Inc. specializes in developing high-performance industrial brushcutter-mulchers, land clearing equipments for excavators, backhoes, skid ...

  • Farm Electronics Limited

    Farm Electronics Limited

    Farm Electronics design and manufacture ENERGY EFFICIENT complete storage systems for Potatoes, Onions and Vegetables. Refrigerated cooling, ...