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  • Automatic Hydraulic Weeder
    Showcase Product

    Automatic Hydraulic Weeder

    By JAGODA JPS Agromachines

    This hydraulic auto side weeder is designed for mechanical weed control in fruit & vegetable farms with crops growing in rows, at a spacing to allow the tractor to pass on a cultivated lane. This reduces the cost ...

  • Aphid Species Parasitoides for Vegetables
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    Aphid Species Parasitoides for Vegetables

    By Viridaxis SA

    The number of available active substances and the maximal authorized residue (MRL) level for vegetables are constantly decreasing. Increasing multiresistance to insecticides also makes chemical control of aphids more ...

  • Walnut Drying Machine
    Showcase Product

    Walnut Drying Machine

    By Azeus Food Machinery

    Walnut Drying Machine1. This walnut drying machine can be used for different materials, such as herbs, leaves, fruits, vegetables etc, it is multi-functional.2. Using precision electronic temperature control, to achieve ...

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  • Vanhoucke Machine Engineering

    Vanhoucke Machine Engineering

    Vanhoucke Machinery profilates themselfs as a constructor of farming equipment. Specialized in vegetable harvesting and treatment machines and also ...

  • Alamo Industrial

    Alamo Industrial

    The foundation of Alamo Industrial began in 1969 with Alamo Group`s acquisition of Engler Manufacturing Company, the developers of the first ...

  • Wallace Laboratories LLC

    Wallace Laboratories LLC

    Wallace Laboratories has many years of experience in assisting farmers, professional landscaping companies and home owners produce better gardens and ...

  • Target Specialty Products

    Target Specialty Products is proud to be a leading national wholesale distributor of specialty agricultural chemicals, application equipment, ...

  • Vitirover SAS

    Vitirover SAS

    The VITIROVER herds of mower-robots are monitored and managed by `shepherds`. These technicians are trained and employed by the VITIROVER company ...