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  • What is the Market Prospect of Sweet Potato Deep Processing?

    What is the Market Prospect of Sweet Potato Deep Processing?

    Sweet potato is one of the world's major food crops and one of the four major crops in China. China is still in its infancy in the research and comprehensive development of the sweet potato utilization project. Most of the sweet potato products stay in the rough processing of sweet potato, sweet potato vermicelli and sweet potato starch. The value that sweet potato is not well known to most ...


  • Feed Mill Equipment In Animal

    Feed Mill Equipment In Animal

    The feed mill equipment equipped with a pellet section equipment based on the production of powdered feed equipment. It composed of crushing, mixing, pelletization, cooling, drying, packing, and other processes. The process is continuous and ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Livestock Water Disinfection Units

    Livestock Water Disinfection Units

    The T10 Agro generator is developed with focus on the livestock market. In animal production good water quality is a major factor to create an efficient production. Animals are not hygienic and self-contamination of drinking water is a common problem. The T10 Agro is produced in four capacities 30, 60,100 and 150 liter NEUTHOX per hour with a content of 200 PPM FAC (FAC: Free Active Chlorine). ...