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  • Dealing with Christmas poultry waste

    Dealing with Christmas poultry waste

    With Christmas around the corner, farmers across the UK are extremely busy with the preparation of turkeys. Although we initially associate turkeys with Christmas, the preparation for this period begins months in advance. Turkey farmers must make sure they have the best breeds of turkey as consumers are more aware of the difference in quality. Customers are willing to pay significantly more for ...

  • Incineration vs Rendering: What to Consider

    Incineration vs Rendering: What to Consider

    When it comes to disposal of animal carcass and waste, there are varying preferences around the world as to which method provides the safest, most efficient and cost-effective solution. Two methods ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Animal Incinerator

    Animal Incinerator

    The I8-700A model is the established 'powerhouse' amongst our large-scale incinerators. The i8-700A has the second highest capacity in our range of animal incinerators and is suitable for disposing of horses, cattle and other large animals benefiting from a wide opening door and high hourly burn rates. This model is 'DEFRA Approved' and is an ideal disposal solution for farms, shooting practices, ...