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  • Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing Process Fermentation Mode

    Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing Process Fermentation Mode

    Organic fertilizer, commonly known as farm manure, consists of various animal, plant residues or metabolites, such as human and animal manure, straw, animal residues, slaughterhouse waste, etc. Carbon-containing materials, mainly from plants and animals, are applied to the soil to provide plant nutrition as its main function. It not only provides comprehensive nutrition for crops, but also has ...


  • Poultry incineration: UK versus around the globe

    Earlier in 2019, poultry farms across the UK and Ireland were warned they must make plans for the safe disposal of animal waste from their premises. Something which could face export restrictions if a no-deal Brexit were to be passed. ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Animal Incinerator

    Animal Incinerator

    The I8-700A model is the established `powerhouse` amongst our large-scale incinerators. You get one of the largest primary chambers around, controlled air incineration as standard, and a plethora of options in terms of pre-processing and post-combustion - all geared to increasing the performance and efficiency of this unit. Top loading design provides liquid retention making this incinerator ...