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  • ​Storage of the Bee Venom
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    ​Storage of the Bee Venom


    The bee venom is placed in our freezer at a temperature of -20°C. It can be stored that way at least 5 years, keeping it`s healing effects offered. Conditions for safe storage of bee venom: Storage & ...

  • Honey Bee
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    Honey Bee

    By The Compliance Center (ICC)

    ICC The Compliance Center can produce a variety of Honey Bee related signs that will meet your needs.

  • Environmentally Sealed Coax Drop Wire Closure
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    Environmentally Sealed Coax Drop Wire Closure

    By Preformed Line Products (PLP)

    The Coax Drop Wire Closure is designed for direct buried splicing of coax cable and is an excellent solution for coax cable repairs. It is available in two sizes and holds a variety of standard coax connectors ...

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    Ethically Collected: The bees are not killed to collect the venom. In other words we specialize in Cruelty Free Bee Venom. We never kill the bees and ...

  • Healthy Bees, LLC.

    Healthy Bees, LLC.

    Healthy Bees is the sole manufacturer of the most exciting and emerging honeybee supplement technology that significantly improves honey bee ...

  • Honey Bee Manufacturing Ltd.

    Honey Bee Manufacturing Ltd.

    Honey Bee Manufacturing was founded by brothers Greg and Glenn Honey and their wives in 1979. What started as a small business on their farm in ...