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  • Seasteading could be the answer to sustainably feeding 9 billion people

    Self-sufficient nation states in the middle of the ocean might be our ticket to a sustainable future.Oceans cover 71 percent of Earth’s surface, yet provide less than 2 percent of the food we eat. The growing demand for seafood, however — predicted to rise to 8 percent during the next decade — from an already depleted and exhausted ocean is forcing agricultur


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  • Automatic Cattle and Livestock Feeder

    Automatic Cattle and Livestock Feeder

    The new Hanen LSF-2 Automatic Programmable Feeder is the ultimate programmable feeding solution designed to provide the correct levels of nutrition to your livestock, up to 6 feedings per day. Ideal for cattle, plus horses, pigs, sheep or goats. Animals are summoned by audio signal for feeding. 120 Volt; Mounts to Wall. (Not Intended for Outdoor Use.)