Calf Health

Equipment & Solutions

  • Calf Houses
    Showcase Product

    Calf Houses

    By Symms Fabrication

    Flexible, cost and effective calf housing for 10-12 calves. Excellent ventilation with protection from wind and rain. Reduce the risk of disease Decrease in labour, treatment and material costs Large improvements in ...

  • Indoor Pen System
    Showcase Product

    Indoor Pen System

    By Hampel Corporation

    Calf-Tel introduced the first free-standing, completely modular, indoor pen system of its kind. While other systems may look similar, the Calf-Tel pen system provides calf raisers with the most versatile, highest labor ...

  • Calf Powder
    Showcase Product

    Calf Powder

    By Kauffman`s a division of the Daniel Baum Company

    Supplemental electrolyte with added DFM & digestive enzymes for calves. Our foundation product to enhance electrolyte replenishment in calves. LIRA Gold Calf Powder delivers optimal levels of lactic acid-producing ...

Latest Articles

  • Seasonality & optimal calf care

    Changing seasons, and challenging seasonal extremes (cold, heat and humidity), add extra challenges ...

  • Improved Performance Through Weaning

    Weaning can be a stressful event for calves.  Taking the time to wean gradually can help ...

  • Grober Calf Coat

    Keep them warm and they will growDid you know…when a calf is comfortable they will turn feed ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • coloQuick International

    coloQuick International

    coloQuick International was established in 2015 from Calvex A/S (est. 1992) and is an innovative business, focusing on dairy calf nutrition. We ...

  • DBC Ag Products

    DBC Ag Products

    DBC Ag Products specializes in innovative biotechnology solutions that utilize practical research and proven technology to meet agribusiness needs ...

  • Vigorena CVBA

    Vigorena CVBA

    Juniper Systems was founded in 1993 by Ron Campbell as a subsidiary of Campbell Scientific. With the original name of HarvestMaster, the company ...

  • Mayo Healthcare

    Mayo Healthcare

    Mayo Healthcare is an Irish based Animal Nutrition and Healthcare company. We promote an innovative product range primarily focused on the ...

  • Dairytuner B.V.

    Dairytuner B.V.

    We offer optimization processes within your dairy. We do this from our independent position, to bridge the gap between nutrition and health. We have ...