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  • Folding Scrapers
    Showcase Product

    Folding Scrapers

    By OMVE s.r.l.

    Studied and built to reclaim spaces and prevents the dangerous smoothing of floorings. Over 20 years experience gives us the knowledge to develop these models in step with evolution of the environments in which they are ...

  • Butterfly Scrapers
    Showcase Product

    Butterfly Scrapers

    By OMVE s.r.l.

    Butterfly scrapers with articulated wings, ideal for passages without straw for farmed animals. On their return path, these scrapers close their “wings” in the middle avoiding any mobility problems for the ...

  • Cattle Bolus Applicator
    Showcase Product

    Cattle Bolus Applicator

    By Agrimin Limited

    Suitable for use with: 24·7 Copper Cattle boluses (1 or 2 boluses). smAll-Trace Calf boluses (1 bolus)

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    Advances in Cattle Welfare

    Advances in Cattle Welfare provides a comprehensive overview of contemporary issues in dairy and beef cattle welfare research. The volume takes a ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Medria


    MEDRIA is a specialist company in the development of monitoring and control tools for bovine health. The company designs, manufactures and sells ...