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  • Vertical Mixer
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    Vertical Mixer

    By Schuler Mfg. & Equip. Co. Inc.

    The Schuler vertical feed mixer offers management versatility to the cattle feeder. You decide to: process bales of hay, straw, cornstalks in the mixer as the 1st step in mixing a TMR with other ingredients; or mix all ...

  • Gas Buddex Dehorner
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    Gas Buddex Dehorner

    By Allflex UK Group Ltd

    A professional tool for dehorning calves. Fast heating and high operating temperature make the GasBuddex easy to use and very efficient.

  • Steel Jack Fence
    Showcase Product

    Steel Jack Fence

    By Bison Pipe & Supply

    Bison Pipe and Supply Steel Jack Fence was designed to meet government needs and now available to the public.

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    Advances in Cattle Welfare

    Advances in Cattle Welfare provides a comprehensive overview of contemporary issues in dairy and beef cattle welfare research. The volume takes a ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Muuu


    Muuu is a collaborative CRM that analyzes the activities of your cattle farm and generates a digital quality certificate to promote your business ...

  • SCR - Allflex Group

    SCR - Allflex Group

    A world-leading provider of dairy cattle management & monitoring systems. Building on over 35 years of meaningful innovation, SCR is the leading ...

  • Lion Edge Technologies Inc.

    Lion Edge Technologies Inc.

    We have been producing Ranch Management software since 1999! We are family owned and operated, and have a background in ranching.

  • BoviSync - a brand by Dairy LLC

    BoviSync - a brand by Dairy LLC

    BoviSync was developed by a team dedicated to improving herd management. The team has education and experience in; engineering, agricultural ...

  • Tambero


    The most popular software for the dairy cattle management, beef cattle, breeding farms and agriculture. Manage your animals and plots, inseminations, ...