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  • Composted Cattle Manure
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    Composted Cattle Manure

    By Back to Nature, Inc.

    Unlike many `bargain` manures that contain filler material, Back to Nature, Inc. Composted Cattle Manure and Composted Chicken Manure are 100% fully composted manures. They have been aerobically composted at ...

  • Grubbens Deflaker System
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    Grubbens Deflaker System

    By Salvtech

    The Grubbens Deflaker provides a mechanical disintegration stage, in order to increase biogas yield. Disintegrated material has a larger area for bacteria to operate, which will help shorten retention time in the ...

  • Heat Extraction From Cattle Manure Composting / Remediation
    Showcase Product

    Heat Extraction From Cattle Manure Composting / Remediation

    By Agrilab Technologies Inc

    Agrilab Technologies Inc. A unit of the Acrolab Group of Windsor, Ontario, Canada has developed and designed a system for the extraction thermal energy from the process of aerobic decomposition (composting) of farm ...

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