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  • Stronghold Corral Panels & Gates
    Showcase Product

    Stronghold Corral Panels & Gates

    By Murrays Dairy Farm & Refrigeration Inc

    Count on Stronghold for superior strength and durability!  All Stronghold cattle handling equpment is easy to set up and use.  Operationg controls are centralized so one person can handle the animal and the ...

  • Male - Female Ear Tag, Blanc
    Showcase Product

    Male - Female Ear Tag, Blanc

    By Schippers UK Ltd.

    Characteristics MS Tag for pigs and cattle: Male and female part. Made of polyurethane. High quality. Dimension: 50 x 43 mm ( l x h ). Can be applied with MS Tag forceps. Available in colors: blue, green, orange, red, ...

  • Animal Technologies
    Showcase Product

    Animal Technologies

    By Animal Health International Inc

    Animal Health International Animal Technologies Division offers advanced management software systems to assist feeding operations in better managing assets, inventories, commodities, and maintenance of financial records ...

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  • Viewtrak Technologies Inc.

    Viewtrak Technologies Inc.

    Viewtrak Technologies Inc. is the global leader in Livestock Information Technology Solutions. Established in 1999, Viewtrak is based in Edmonton, ...

  • Nordic Star

    Nordic Star

    Nordic Star Limited was founded in 1996. It started as a small business selling agricultural products and began specialising in animal ID products in ...

  • IceRobotics Ltd.

    IceRobotics Ltd.

    IceRobotics is the world’s leading developer and provider of data collection and analysis products for monitoring dairy cow behaviour. Founded in ...

  • Quanterra Software LLC

    Quanterra Software LLC

    We get our thrill from automating tedious image analysis tasks and empowering you to get the full benefit of drone imaging technology without the ...

  • Bella Ag LLC

    Bella Ag LLC

    Bella Ag is the perfect combination of cattlemen and `geeks`. From the farm to the lab we develop and manufacture all of our technology in the USA. ...