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  • Animal Husbandry2019

    Animal Husbandry2019

     RFID product has been prevalent in animal husbandry for RFID animal tracking such as rfid cattle tracking and quantity management. STAR TREND provides the RFID animal ear tags available in LF (125KHz), HF (13.56MHz) or UHF (860MHz ~96


  • The Dangers of Mad Cow Disease!

    The Dangers of Mad Cow Disease!

    For the first time in over ten years Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) better known as Mad Cow Disease has reared its head again in the UK with cases recorded on a farm in Aberdeenshire, Scotland this October.

Equipment & Solutions

  • Oolitic Stone

    Oolitic Stone

    Mid Hants pride ourselves in supplying a range of crushed and graded soft oolitic limestone which is suitable for internal shed floors and cattle tracks. Our Oolitic stone is available all year round, nationwide and in a range of load sizes. Due to the soft nature and its ability to compact Oolitic limestone it is the ideal aggregates for the construction of cattle tracks as it protects cows feet ...