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  • Centrifugal Big Fans
    Showcase Product

    Centrifugal Big Fans

    By Arntjen Germany GmbH

    Profitable dairy farming is not possible unless the cows can retain their peak milk production even when no wind is blowing and temperatures are high. As already mentioned in a previous article, animals suffer ...

  • Humidity Master
    Showcase Product

    Humidity Master

    By AutoVent LLC

    The Humidity Master is an advanced sprinkler controller for cooling dairy cows. High humidity and sprinklers are no problem with the Humidity Master. The Humidity Master is the perfect sprinkler control for ...

  • Claw Treatment Motorized Crush
    Showcase Product

    Claw Treatment Motorized Crush

    By Agricow srl

    The most recent result of constant research and development is the Agricow advanced motorized claw treatment crush with 4 motors for all the legs of the cow, to ensure greater comfort and safety both the animal and the ...

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  • ComfyCow B.V.

    ComfyCow B.V.

    In 1984, Hans van der Poel founded his agriculture and mechanisation company so as to develop machines for agriculture and horticulture. In 1998, the ...

  • Cowlar Inc.

    Cowlar Inc.

    Cowlar Inc. is building a Fitbit for dairy cows. Our team has developed an advanced Artificial intelligence (AI) system to help dairy farmers improve ...

  • Smartbow GmbH

    Smartbow GmbH

    The intelligent SMARTBOW Eartag records the activity of your animals, detects heat and changes in rumination behavior around the clock. You get ...