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Cow Comfort equipment for Livestock

  • Premium

    Munters - Model Breeze - High Volume Low Speed Fan, 5 Blades

    The Breeze Fan is a High Volume Low Speed fan, engineered to circulate a vast amount of air, providing the most efficient air circulation movement for animal housing. The Breeze Fan works on a simple principle – creates slow, gentle breezes to lower the effective temperature during warm periods and to circulate the rising warm air downward ...

    By Munters based in Amesbury, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Fans & Light Traps Product line

  • Grazeway - Automatic Milking System

    The Grazeway offers outstanding user friendliness for you and stress-free selection for your cows. The selection box works with the same management system as the Lely Astronaut. In addition, the double-gate system is the same as the gate on the milking robot. You can also use the Grazeway for separating cows for treatment. You can program this ...

    By Lely based in MAASSLUIS, NETHERLANDS. from Milking Product line

  • FlingK - Bedders

    DP Agri have become the sole importers for the Dutch Company FlingK who make specialist bedders for Sand, Sawdust, and all forms of Compost and Green Bedding.

    By DP Agri Ltd based in Bideford, UNITED KINGDOM. from Cow Comfort Product line

  • HeatSeeker - Model MR-S2 - Single Box Milking Robot

    The MR-S2 (single box robot) is a compact milking robot equipped with one stall. It has a well organized technical area and one robot arm. Using an industry leading, patented system the single box robot milks one cows between the rear legs – gently, quickly and completely. This unique approach of milking between the rear legs provides direct ...

    By BouMatic based in Madison, WISCONSIN (USA). from Robotics Product line

  • Morbida - Herringbone Milking Parlour

    Morbida Milkline is a herringbone milking parlour which allows the combination of modern milking technology with high performance and low investment costs. Milkline herringbone milking parlours are available in three types: 30° side milking, 60° and, 70° rear milking. Due to their shape and layout, the 60° and 70° parlours are ...

    By Milkline Srl based in Loc. Gariga di Podenzano (PC), ITALY. from Milking Stalls – Milking Parlor Equipment Product line

  • Musicale - Parallel Milking Parlor

    Musicale Milkline is a parallel milking parlor designed to provide top safety and comfort both to the operator and the cows. Musicale Milkline is designed to ensure quick animal entrance, while being comfortable and well-ordered. Cows stand perpendicularly to the edge of the milking pit and this kind of layout reduces the operator's movements ...

    By Milkline Srl based in Loc. Gariga di Podenzano (PC), ITALY. from Milking Stalls – Milking Parlor Equipment Product line

  • Magica - Top Swing Milking Parlor

    Top Swing Milkline is an ideal solution for average and large dairy farms sizes, and it that is efficient and reliable with the presence of only one operator. Top Swing is a central aisle milking parlor where the milking units are alternatively used on both sides. The Top Swing parlor is characterized by “swinging arms”, which are ...

    By Milkline Srl based in Loc. Gariga di Podenzano (PC), ITALY. from Milking Stalls – Milking Parlor Equipment Product line

  • Growing - Model GR - Digital artificial insemination gun for cattle artificial insemination gun for cattleDigital artificial insemination gun for cattle is majorly for presenting the detailed process of semen deposition which would have been hidden in the past to the operators, providing a more audio-visual explanation of the process. ...

  • Krishna - Milking Parlor

    Increasing productivity and efficiency in the dairy industry means creating new ways to keep the animals comfortable together when they need to be milked. Animals that give milk for domestic consumption tend to be fairly docile herd animals. These are animals that will feel more comfortable once they see more of themselves in the same location ...

    By Krishna Allied Industries Pvt. Ltd based in Mumbai, INDIA. from Dairy Equipment Product line

  • Strohfelder Platinum Extra Fein - Straw-Based Bedding Product for Cow

    Strohfelder® Platinum Extra Fein is a totally new bedding solution which comes as a result of years of product development and innovation. Platinum Extra Fein bedding is made from 100% pure wheat straw. Platinum Extra Fein doesn’t contain any chemical additives, such as fragrances, extracts, binders or alike. Attention! ...

    By Strohfelder based in Vienna, AUSTRIA. from Cow Products Product line

  • Low Profile Free Stall Bedding Management Attachment

    Our implements are designed to fit onto existing farm equipment saving you money. And, all products are built right here in the USA for heavy duty farm use. Implements are designed to cut time and labor costs from scheduled chores. The managemet tools will increases Cow comfort promoting higher milk yields, and creates cleaner, dryer, and properly ...

    By Superior Attachments, Inc. based in Menominee, MICHIGAN (USA). from Sandman Product line

  • Mistral - Animal Environment Sanitizer

    More than a litter conditioner, Mistral is a management tool allowing farmers to follow the basic rules of animal rearing and respect the physiological balance of their animals, simply and efficiently

    By Olmix Group based in BREHAN, FRANCE. from Animal Care Product line

  • Loda - Agriculture Fiberglass Box

    A solid, animals comfortable and relocatable on any surface for its easy-to-carry. The Box Agri, it connotes to the attention given to the study of the morphology of the shed and special processing of all elements in galvanized iron. Again, as for the LODA Box , it is possible to customize the fence upon request.

    By Loda S.r.l. based in Visano-Brescia, ITALY. from Fiberglass Box Product line

  • Automatic Milker

    The Robotex automates all processes after attachment, thus guaranteeing most comfortable milking work creating 'good habits' for the cow. Blind milking is safely prevented.

    By System Happel GmbH based in Friesenried, GERMANY. from Milking Technology Product line

  • Parlour Curtains System

    Our interior Parlour curtains provide an affordable divider between sections of the building such as the parlour and holding area. The curtains are easy to operate, maintain and they will provide windbreak in turn saving you heating costs in the winter. They store up and out of the way during times of non-use.

    By Sun-North Systems Ltd. based in Seaforth, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Sun-North Curtain Systems Product line

  • Energy Pellets of America - Model Fifty 40lb - Animal Bedding Pellets - One Ton Pallet

    Looking for an eco-friendly animal bedding solution you can buy in large quantities? A 1 ton pallet of bedding pellets is the perfect answer to your animal bedding and horse bedding needs. Energy Pellets of America offers premium animal and horse bedding pellets to help you keep your habitats and stalls clean and healthy for your animals of all ...

    By Energy Pellets of America based in Wilmington, OHIO (USA). from Animal Bedding Pellets Product line

  • Legend - Model XCS-1 - Individual Bed Mat

    The Legend XCS-1 is a individual bed made from high-quality virgin rubber, designed for tie stalls or free stalls, and is the perfect solution for floor mounted dividers and posts. The dual layered system uses the revolutionary double bubble underpad to offer superior comfort that will not pack, stretch or collapse over time. Our unique drainage ...

    By Legend Rubber Inc. based in Tillsonburg, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Stall Mats/Cow Beds Product line

  • Anafen - Injection

    Ketoprofen Injection 100 mg/mL. Sterile Injectable Solution. Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Analgesic. ANAFEN is the only non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that’s approved for relief of pain, inflammation and fever in both dry and lactating dairy with no milk withholding.1The withdrawal time for meat is only 24 hours.

    By Merial - Boehringer Ingelheim based in Reims cedex, FRANCE. from Animal Health - Bovine Product line

  • David R Beech - Deep Litter Freestalls

    Cow comfort is a hot topic in modern dairy farming. As well as units with cow mattresses and waterbeds, many cow cubicles are fitted with a deep litter cubicle bed.

    By David R Beech Barn Equipment Ltd. based in Cheshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Spinder Dairy Housing Concepts Product line

  • Cow Milking Liners and Shells

    SILCLEAR SILICONE LINERS will reduce your liner costs, increase both the productivity and longevity of your herd, and therefore improve the profitability of your dairy farm.

    By Silclear Limited based in New Milton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Silicone Product -Dairy Liners Product line

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