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  • Mannase


    Beta mannanase enzyme is a kind of hemicellulase that can hydrolyze β -1N 4 mannoside bond at random. The improved Pichia pastoris is refined by liquid-deep fermentation and post-treatment. β -mannanase enzyme can degrade mannan-a bifidobacterium growth factor. β -man

  • Acid Cellulase Enzyme (Powder)

    Acid Cellulase Enzyme (Powder)

    Cellulase is refined by liquid-deep fermentation and after-treatment. Cellulase is a group of enzymes that degrade cellulose to produce glucose. It is composed of endoglucanase (EG), exoglucanase ...


  • High Quality Feed Pellet Mill On Sale

    The flat die pellet machine is simpler to operate than the ring die pellet machine. It is suitable for individual farmers, small medium-sized farms, and feed processing plants. It has high automation and one person can operate, effectively ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Registering and Monitoring Silo Contents

    Registering and Monitoring Silo Contents

    Main advantages: PC program to register and monitor silo contents; filling level is shown in kg and as percentage; a warning comes up when filling levels fall below the minimum; total consumption per silo is shown; consumption history for each silo; overview of delivered and removed quantities for each silo; network via cables or wireless; the electronic weigh bars of all silos are connected, ...