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  • Feedlot Scrapers
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    Feedlot Scrapers

    By Triple Star Manufacturing Ltd.

    BH-100 Heavy Duty features include all standard specifications of the BH model plus 41″ x 1/2″ end plates, bolt-on spindles, 11L x 15 8-ply tires, hitch jack, up to 24″ dumping height with more beef to ...

  • Mini Pull-Dozer
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    Mini Pull-Dozer

    By Reimco Industries Ltd.

    The Mini Pull-Dozer is a lighter duty pull-dozer that is extremely maneuverable in smaller areas such as pens, alleyways, roads and yards! They are very handy for scraping snow and even leveling gravel pills on your ...

  • Maxi-Mixer Use in Vertical Mixer
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    Maxi-Mixer Use in Vertical Mixer

    By Sioux Automation Center, Inc. (SAC)

    The 3600 Series Maxi-Mixer  offers true flexibility in a vertical mixer, providing the ability to effectively mix both feedlot and dairy rations with a single auger design.  The exclusive SAC auger will mix ...

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  • Hi-Plains Systems, Inc

    Hi-Plains Systems, Inc

    Hi-Plains Systems Inc. has been providing management programs for the feedlot industry since 1980. Our mission is to provide high quality, easy to ...