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Articles & Whitepapers

  • Drought and flooding rains

    Walter Jehne, former CSIRO Climate Scientist and Microbiologist, founder of Healthy Soils Australia, has written a 3-part document on drought in Australia and in it he demonstrates many scientific facts about how we should be managing our soils. There are many fascinating revelations in his scientific analysis such as how the removal of vegetation affects rainfall or how the lowering of soil ...

  • Organic livestock: why you should embrace it

    The term “organic” is widely used nowadays, usually to refer to products and practices related to a healthier and more conscious lifestyle. But what about organic livestock? Learn more ...


  • The 5 Biggest Farms in world

    In Farming sometimes size matters, so we at Herdsy have scoured the globe and have located the five largest farms in the world. The size of some of these, farms are staggering. What is surprising that all of the Top 5 are located in just two ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Grassland Mower

    Grassland Mower

    The professional finger-bar mower t70 stands for performance and versatility in perfect combination. The free-wheel turning gear for easy handling, the serial wide-tires and the vario drives grant top suitability for open-country mowing and best mowing culture. For winter services, the t70 can be upgraded with remover shield.