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  • Bacteria-free surroundings breeds healthier and more productive cattle Case Study

    Danish Clean Water A/S is a manufacturer of ECA generators and has successfully marketed and deployed its generator for more than 5 years, sold to more than 20 countries through local partnerships and has thereby gained significant market power. The ECA generator can be used in various industries and production  sites, but especially within animal husbandry in agriculture the results have ...


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  • PRRSV CHECK ELISA For Veterinary Diagnostics

    PRRSV CHECK ELISA For Veterinary Diagnostics

    The porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) represents one of the most serious threats for the herd status and profitability of pig farms. For reduction of this risk the PRRSV CHECK ELISA symbolizes a new test generation for processing of sera and vaccines by its simple and convenient performance. The direct ELISA for quantification of PRRSV type 1 and 2 enable a diagnostic ...