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  • PRRSV CHECK ELISA For Veterinary Diagnostics
    Showcase Product

    PRRSV CHECK ELISA For Veterinary Diagnostics

    By Analytik Jena AG

    The porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) represents one of the most serious threats for the herd status and profitability of pig farms. For reduction of this risk the PRRSV CHECK ELISA symbolizes ...

  • Tip Troughs
    Showcase Product

    Tip Troughs

    By SMB Manufacturing Inc.

    Hydrator’s tip troughs feature fold-over safety edges and nylon bushings on all pivot shafts. When your herd needs fresh water, simply tip the trough with the spring-loaded locking tip handle for quick emptying. ...

  • Elite & Asco Marine Meal
    Showcase Product

    Elite & Asco Marine Meal

    By Glenside Group

    Seaquim Elite and Asco Marine Meal provide a natural dietary supplement which improves the rumen function and the utilisation of rations thereby raising the plane of nutrition. An enhanced plane of nutrition boosts the ...

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  • Boss Tools

    Boss Tools

    Boss Tools is a family owned company that was founded in Tallahassee, Florida in 2014 by Allen and Donna DeWolf. Since 2005, Allen and Donna had ...

  • Valmetal inc.

    Valmetal inc.

    Valmetal is the largest North America farm equipment manufacturer in both production volume and variety! Over the past 15 years, more than a dozen of ...

  • CowManager B.V.

    CowManager B.V.

    CowManager provides most accurate and real-time information on three areas: fertility, health and nutrition. These measures are based on ...

  • Ambic Equipment Limited

    Ambic Equipment Limited

    Founded in 1978 Ambic started out life as a contract plastic moulding operation and during the last thirty years it has built up significant ...

  • Diversified Imports

    Diversified Imports

    Diversified Imports has been bringing innovative poultry products to the North American market since 1969. Over the last decade we have added ...