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  • Hoof Trim

    Hoof Trim

    With this demo movie you learn how to create hoof trim protocols and action lists in your management program. We will learn how to create it, adding cows that need a hoof trim and how to remove them. Watch and learn how to do it yourself! Don't forget to turn on your sound. To see video, please click ...

  • Animal waste categorisation

    Animal waste categorisation

    Animal by-products (ABPs) are divided into 3 categories, based on the risks they pose. Category 1 ABPs – are classed as high risk. Carcasses and body parts from zoo and circus animals ...


  • VAS Platform 1.18 Release Notes

    VAS Platform 1.18 Release Notes

    VAS Platform 1.18.0 release has new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Release Date: 11/24/2019 IMPORTANT: Please make sure to run the web updater in DairyComp to take full advantage of the updates in this Platform release. ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • 36 X 78 X 6 Inch Foot Bath Self Supporting

    36 X 78 X 6 Inch Foot Bath Self Supporting

    What Does A PolyDome Footbath Do? A disinfectant solution (copper sulfate mixed with water) used in the footbath will kill or inhibit bacterial infections such as foot-rot and heel erosion. It penetrates up between toes and cracks, where bacteria inflames the soft skin, and then under the horn lining and inner surfaces of each cleat. By locating the PolyDome Footbath at the exit door of your ...