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  • Deep Cleaning Your Horse Trailer

    Deep Cleaning Your Horse Trailer

    Cleaning your horse trailer definitely isn’t glamorous but it must be done. Cleaning your trailer is more than just making it look good, it’ about taking care of your investment. Keeping your trailer clean can expand its lifespan. In other words, a regular dose of deep cleaning is the perfect way to keep your horse trailer in tip-top shape.Trailers with separate tack rooms and living ...


  • Classification Of Fertilizer Dryer Machine

    The development of livestock manure as a composite organic fertilizer can not only turn waste into treasure, but also reduce environmental pollution, prevent the spread of diseases, and have good economic and social benefits. Zhengzhou Fusmar ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Automatic Wood Shaving Machine

    Automatic Wood Shaving Machine

    This wood shaving machine is designed to produce wood shavings in desired and suitable size to be able to use them as bedding at chicken farming and horse breeding sectors. There are all adjustment possibilities to get wood shavings in desired size and high quality. Our machine designed to get good quality of wood shavings by shaving round wood from 10 cm up to 45 cm diameter. Chicken farming and ...