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  • Agricultural Rural Horse Farm - Case Study

    VISSOLIS installed a 50 kW system on the roof of the 19,000 ft² indoor arena on the Riverdale Horse Farm. The horse farm is well known in the state for its breeding, boarding, and training facilities. The property owner already had installed and invested in a 200 kW ground mounted system for his own in 2012. VISSOLIS leases the roof space and manages installation and operation. This was at ...


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  • Nutritional Supplement for Horses

    Nutritional Supplement for Horses

    From pleasure horses to equine athletes, horse owners know that intestinal upsets are one of the largest single problems facing these animals. Horses that develop intestinal upsets can quickly become susceptible to a variety of health problems, such as ulcers or even worse colic, – which can be very expensive and can lead to severe pain or even death.