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  • Animal Feed Machine Made Feed Pellets For Horse Farming

    Animal Feed Machine Made Feed Pellets For Horse Farming

    In ancient times, horses were the main driving force of agricultural production, transportation, and military activities. With the power machinery invention and wide application, field operations were almost replaced by tractors. Horses are mainly used for equestrian sports and the production of milk and meat. The modern horse industry has received good development in ...

  • Success Stories from the Bird-X Team

    Success Stories from the Bird-X Team

    At Bird-X, we are proud of our humane and eco-friendly approach to bird control. Here are just some recent examples of how our dedicated bird control professionals have helped business and land ...


  • Why choose pet cremation?

    Why choose pet cremation?

    What should you look at Pet Cremation as your next business adventure? Unscrupulous pet crematories are always well highlighted in the news but it is important to remember that they are few and far between. There are ways of ensuring that the ...

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    800 lbs. lift capacity. 25 HP gasoline engine. 7’ lift height. 45” wide. 40+ attachments. Hydraulic Operated Quick Attach. Removable backhoe available. Infinitely Variable Speeds. Independent Wheel Motors.