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Horse Manure equipment for Livestock

  • BioReactor - In-Vessel Composter

    The XACT BioReactors are large scale in-vessel composters that convert huge volumes of solid organic waste into compost in as little as 3 to 7 days. The XACT BioReactor is available in 5’ to 10’ diameters and in lengths from 10’ to 60’.  Although it is a simple design, it is built to heavy-duty standards in order to ...

    By XACT Systems Inc. based in Consecon, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Oxdale - Model 1.5 Ton - Tipping Trailer

    1.5 tonne tipping trailer for tractors with 20hp plus. Ideal for horse manure and soil. Removable sides. Available in a variety of colours. Available with mesh sides.

    By Oxdale Products based in Chesterfield, UNITED KINGDOM. from Agricultural - Transport Product line

  • Millcreek - Model 57 & 77 - Mid-Size Manure Spreaders

    Millcreek’s 57 & 77 Mid-Size manure spreaders are built for larger stables with up to 20 horses. They are available in both Ground and PTO Drive. Millcreek's Mid-Size manure spreaders are made farm-tough with heavy gauge steel and wear-resistant features for the low maintenance, long-term reliability you need. The 57 & 77 have a ...

    By Millcreek Manufacturing Inc. based in Honey Brook, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Manure Spreaders Product line

  • Millcreek - Model 15 & 22 - Mini Manure Spreaders

    The 15 & 22 models are the perfect fit to make stall cleaning faster and easier for entry-level buyers on a budget. Get trouble-free performance that's light on the wallet. These units are ideal for 1-3 horses. While these are the smallest manure spreaders in the lineup, our Models 15 & 22 are built with the same reliable, quality ...

    By Millcreek Manufacturing Inc. based in Honey Brook, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Manure Spreaders Product line

  • Fan-Way - Model FY-9FYD - Hydraulic Compost Turner

    The hydraulic compost mixer machine is the professional machine for horse manure compost and other organic materials fermentation. It adopts advanced hydraulic operating system, pull rod power steering operation and crawler-type running mechanism. Such structure makes sure it offers strong power and easy operation for the compost turning of ...

    By Fan Way Fertilizer Machinery based in Zhengzhou, CHINA. from Compost Turner Product line

  • Tow Behind Compost Turner Machine

    These kinds of compost turners are designed to tow behind a tractor. They are widely used in farms to manage larger crop residues (e.g. corn stalks), animal manure (e.g. pig dung, horse manure), yard waste, newspaper, cardboard, etc. They lift and tumble compost materials, aerate each windrow with more oxygen for faster composting.

    By Allance Compost Turner Machinery based in Zhengzhou, AUSTRALIA. from Compost Turner Manufacturer Product line

  • EKO - Model Sweep - Horse Manure Collectors and Paddock Groomers

    EKO Sweepis wheel driven which rotates the brushes that pick up anything in its path. Because it is not motor operated, there are no fuel costs and it produces very little noise. It is safe for all and it can be used around your animals while they are still in their paddocks.

    By Eko Group NA based in Lake Tahoe, NEVADA (USA).

  • Swebo Biotherm - Horse and Chicken Manure Combustor

    The SWEBO BioTherm is the result of a research and development project lasting many years and, like so many of our other products, it has made a significant impression on the market. Among other fuels, the burner can burn challenging fuels such as horse and chicken manure, extremely moist chips (with a moisture content of up to 61%), offal, etc. ...

    By Swebo Bioenergy based in Boden, SWEDEN.

  • Wingfield - 4` 9` 3pt EconoDrag Harrow

    The Wingfield 3pt EconoDrag utilizes a fully-encompassing, angle-iron frame to offer total control over the harrow. With the frame, you can back into corners, shake out loose material, control the number/pressure of the tines on the ground, and easily transport the harrow. Use the 3pt EconoDrag harrow to maintain a horse arena, groom a driveway, ...

    By Wingfield Manufacturing, LLC based in Urbana, ILLINOIS (USA). from 3pt Lift Harrows Product line

  • Easterby - Horse Muck and Manure Trailers

    These trailers are designed for transporting horse manure with straw, or shavings mix. Available with mesh extension sides to give a large cubic capacity. We build from 10 to 16 foot in length and from 4 to 10 tonne capacity. However we can also custom build to your specific requirements if needed.

    By Easterby Trailers Ltd based in Yorkshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Wingfield - 8` 0` Maxi Drawbar Harrow

    The Wingfield Maxi Drawbar Harrow features our fullest depth of harrow (7 1/2'). The 8', 10' 4', and 12' wide base models can be doubled in size with the addition of an evener pipe. It is ideal for pulling behind a small tractor or pickup truck. Use the drag harrow to maintain a horse arena, groom a driveway, break up manure in a pasture, prepare ...

    By Wingfield Manufacturing, LLC based in Urbana, ILLINOIS (USA). from Drawbar Drag Harrows Product line

  • Model 4 Tonne - Horse Muck Trailer

    Designed as a front loading trailer, the front head board folds down over the drawbar, the weight is taken by two tension springs so raising and lowering the ramp requires little effort. The ramp is clad in non-slip alloy plate. Front loading ramp enables the trailer to be reversed into a corner out of the way. To empty the trailer a single piece ...

    By Armstrong & Holmes Ltd based in Grantham, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Roth Loyal - Poly Liner

    Makes old mangers, walls and equipment better than new. Extends life of any new surface — protects from chemicals, moisture, and wear.

    By Roth Manufacturing, based in Loyal, WISCONSIN (USA). from Poly Liner Product line

  • Wingfield - 4` 0` Econodrag Drawbar Harrow

    The Wingfield EconoDrag is our smallest model of drag harrow. It is ideal for use as a larger garden tractor or ATV harrow. Use the drag harrow to maintain a horse arena, groom a driveway, break up manure in a pasture, prepare a seedbed for a food plot, interseed, incorporate chemical/fertilizer, and much more!  You can pull the harrow in the ...

    By Wingfield Manufacturing, LLC based in Urbana, ILLINOIS (USA). from Drawbar Drag Harrows Product line

  • Estate & Amenity Trailer

    Innovative design & high build quality combine to produce a versatile, multi-purpose tipping trailer specifically designed for use with a 4 x 4 vehicle, or large car. It is ideal for the transportation of light, yet bulky, materials such as horse manure, grass or hedge clippings, bark chippings, garden, cardboard or general waste. The low ...

    By Armstrong & Holmes Ltd based in Grantham, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Murska Biopacker - Tube Composting

    Tube composting is an environmentally friendly way to transform manure into nutritious full soil. Air exchange by ventilators and the heating effect of black plastic foil will intensifycomposting in the tube. The mass is reduced by about one third and it becomes hygienic, homogenous and inodorous.

    By Aimo Kortteen Konepaja Oy based in Ylivieska, FINLAND. from Murskabio Product line

  • HM Trailers - Horse Muck Trailers

    Chassis - HM chassis is made from 355 grade (structural) rectangular hollow section. This gives greater strength and does not allow a build up of material on ledges. Supporting a single hydraulic ram for tipping.

    By HM Trailers based in Fyfield, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Black Castings - Chemical Fertilizers

    Earthworms are vital to the soil. Their burrows allow air and water to flow, but more importantly, they digest organic matter and excrete it as worm castings, a vital component in fertile soil. Unlike chemical fertilizers, Black Castings will not burn plants or trees, and are completely safe to handle. Black Castings also break down much more ...

    By Vermitechnology Unlimited based in Orange Lake, FLORIDA (USA). from Fertilizers Product line

  • Model Type ZXS - Bedder

    The ZXS bedder is a variation on the ZX type. Because of the special system with three rollers in the container and heavy duty hydraulic powering, this container is not susceptible to clogging. The high revving conveyor can distribute widely. Where previously it was not possible to distribute in certain situations and with certain machines, this ...

    By DP Agri Ltd based in Bideford, UNITED KINGDOM. from Flingk Product line

  • Allance - Screw Extrusion Dehydrator

    Screw extrusion dehydrate* is a kind of dewatering machine for processing raw materials of organic fertilizer, suitable for all kinds of animal wastes, municipal sludge, biogas slurry and biogas residues. It is a screw type solid* liquid separator, which adopts continuous screw extrusion technology to separate the pig manure, cow manure and ...

    By Allance based in zhengzhou, CHINA. from Compost Turner Product line

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