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  • Animal Husbandry2019

    Animal Husbandry2019

      RFID product has been prevalent in animal husbandry for RFID animal tracking such as rfid cattle tracking and quantity management.   STAR TREND provides the RFID animal ear tags available in LF (125KHz), HF (13.56MHz) or UHF (860MHz ...

  • Animal Husbandry

    Animal Husbandry

      RFID tracking solutions have been prevalent in animal husbandry for animal tracking and quantity management.   STAR TREND provides the rfid cattle tags available in LF ...


  • Can Livestock Help Reduce Greenhouse Gases?

    Wider use of best practices and technologies could significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the livestock industry, according to a recent United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization report. The 139-page report, “Tackling climate ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Ultra Drive

    Ultra Drive

    The MR32 combines heavy duty, quality steel frame and reel construction with the simple, yet maneuverable two wheel design like it`s smaller counterpart-the MR25. Build to withstand heavy use, the MR32 operates from a 1 inch line (or 3/4" hose if flow and pressure is adequate) and allows irrigated areas up to 300 feet long and 120 feet wide for sports fields, horse arenas, hobby farms, or any ...