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  • Transonic Bugchaser
    Showcase Product

    Transonic Bugchaser

    By Bird-X Inc.

    Simple, Effective Bug Control. Keep bugs out of your home without chemicals or traps.

  • Sisal Twine
    Showcase Product

    Sisal Twine

    By PolyExcel, LLC

    Uniform twine thickness. Guaranteed minimum tensile strength. Knot and amendment free. Treated to resist rotting, mold, insects and rodents.

  • Molitor Premium Fertilizer
    Showcase Product

    Molitor Premium Fertilizer

    By Ynsect

    Plants need specific, natural nutrients to grow. Ÿnsect offers high-quality fertilizer made from insect castings, a nutritious solution for plants and sustainable soils. Petrochemical products are currently used in ...

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  • Agralan Ltd.

    Agralan Ltd.

    Agralan has developed a product range that allows any type of grower to grow the crops they enjoy. Our products are well recognised and used within ...

  • AgriProtein


    AgriProtein has been developing its insect based protein feed, extruded oil, and fertilisers since 2009. Following five years of parallel academic ...

  • AgBiome, Inc.

    AgBiome, Inc.

    Historically, advances in agriculture have come in great leaps with radical changes occuring in relatively short periods of time. AgBiome is leading ...

  • International Farming Systems Association - Europe Group (IFSA)

    International Farming Systems Association - Europe Group (IFSA)

    International Farming Systems Association - Europe Group is primarily a repository of the proceedings of various European IFSA symposia, ensuring ...

  • PestWest Electronics Limited

    PestWest Electronics Limited

    PestWest Electronics Limited, was set up to develop the electric fly control range within the Killgerm Group and also further developed the concept ...