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Livestock Breeding equipment for Livestock

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    Inciner8 - Cattle Incinerators

    Bio security is of utmost importance in the cattle industry. A number of high profile outbreaks in recent years has started to shift opinions on managing your own fallen livestock. With landfill and rendering costs still growing now is the time to consider self-owning an incinerator for your own use – especially now with our competitive ...

    By Inciner8 Limited based in Southport, UNITED KINGDOM. from Animal Incinerator Product line

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    ENEXIO - Model TAP160 - 2H Blackout Blinds (Light Traps) for Livestock Breeding

    Rugged and Dirt Resistant: In livestock breeding it is often necessary not to let any light from outside get into the stables. This allows special night and day rhythms and artificial lighting to be effectively used. The answer here is for light traps to be inserted in front of the air admission dampers or fans. We have devised the special TAP 160 ...

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    2H Plastic Components for Air Humidifying and Cooling

    Excellent Cooling Capacities: For high productivity in livestock breeding it is becoming more and more important to respond to the specific requirements of the species involved. This includes controlling air temperature in the stables. The air in stables needs cooling particularly in regions where high temperatures prevail. To this end, an ...

  • Duo-Scan - Model Go Plus - Livestock Ultrasound Scanner

    The Duo-Scan:Go Plus has been designed to last longer than other scanners on the market.

    By IMV imaging UK Ltd based in Bellshill, UNITED KINGDOM. from Veterinary Ultrasound Scanners Product line

  • ImaGo - Model L - Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner

    Portable and also sturdy, the IMAGO scanner is a combination of high technologies in the service of field veterinarians. You benefit from an exceptional image quality that allows you a fast and reliable diagnosis.

    By IMV imaging UK Ltd based in Bellshill, UNITED KINGDOM. from Veterinary Ultrasound Scanners Product line

  • Troutex - Rainbow Trout Ova

    Troutex supplies high quality organic rainbow trout ova from the first registered organic farm in Skandinavia – Piledal Dambrug. It was registered already in 2012. The production of organic ova starts up in December and finishes in June, which means we can deliver up to 7 months of the year. The production takes place without the use of ...

    By Troutex ApS based in Egtved, DENMARK.

  • KeySeeQ - Lead Discovery & Validation

    KeySeeQ is offered in a package together with KeyPoint Mutation Breeding offering the customer a streamlined process for trait discovery and validation: KeyGene’s trait pipeline. KeySeeQ is currently being applied in contract research and in collaboration with universities to discover genes related to abiotic stresses, biotic stresses, plant ...

    By KeyGene based in Wageningen, NETHERLANDS.

  • FieldScan - High Throughput Field Phenotyping System

    FieldScan is a platform for ultra-high-throughput field phenotyping under all weather conditions. The platform enables capacities of tens of thousands of plants or plots with a scanning capacity of 5,000 plants or higher per hour.

    By Phenospex B. V. based in Heerlen, NETHERLANDS. from Full Process Automation Product line

  • Trigger Spray Marking Dye

    Water based dye for safe marking of livestock ideal for breeding, vaccinating and sorting. Lasts up to 14 days. High output trigger will mark animals from 3 (1m) to 10 (3m) feet away.

    By Carmel Group Inc based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • EP™ Technology - Increasing Yields Genetic Improvement

    Kaiima’s EP™ technology opens a new and exciting gateway for genetic improvement while maintaining the essence of high-value germplasm. In addition to increasing yields, EP™ technology also strengthens the crops’ tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses and improves land and water-use efficiencies.

    By Kaiima Bio-Agritech, Ltd based in Lower Galilee, ISRAEL.

  • Gemco - Model ZLSP-D - Feed Pellet Mill

    Feed pellet mill is widely used by people who breed chicken, rabbit, cow, sheep, cattle, pig, and so on. The reason why they make feed pellets is that pellets are a balanced combination of different kinds of nutrition for the better growth of livestock, poultry and other animals.

  • Muuu - Cattle Management Software

    Easy data entry: Record all cattle activities - breeding, calving, medical treatments, weighing, and pregnancy diagnosis and cattle inventory.

    By Muuu based in Lisbon, PORTUGAL.

  • Model WED-3000V - Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner

    The ultrasound WED-3000V is the ideal tool for veterinarians in their dual work in the field or in the office. Ultrasound scanner with a small LCD display 5', intuitive menu and removable long-life battery.

    By Medi Nova sas based in Reggio Emilia, ITALY. from Diagnostic Instruments Product line

  • Kaixin - Model DCU50 - Veterinary Color Doppler System

    Large screen display. Built-in lithium battery. Small size, light weight, easy to carry, N.W. ≤ 5kg. Equipped with a wide range of probes for abdominal, obstetric, vascular, cardiac, small organ, urinary applications. Built-in 4D module with optional 4D volume probe. A variety of digital peripheral interfaces, provides a variety of image output ...

    By Xuzhou Kaixin Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd based in Xuzhou,Jiangsu, CHINA. from Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner Product line

  • Kenaf Cultivation Technology

    CJP’s Researchers have developed standardized techniques for growing Kenaf on large scale. CJP ensures Kenaf cultivation right from the land preparation, crop management to production of end product. CJP Kenaf Farms are under the vigilant supervision of agronomists, who make sure that the latest and best breed of Kenaf is being planted. However, ...

    By Advanced Biofuel Center based in Jaipur, INDIA.

  • Solomix - Model 1 VLH-B - Mixer Feeder Wagon

    The Solomix 1 VLH-B is a compact mixer feeder, featuring a single vertical auger and a side belt that discharges to the front. This trailed mixer feeder is suitable for both large and small-scale livestock breeders and is available in volumes from 7 - 14 m³.  The Solomix 1 can furthermore be made to measure where required.

    By Trioliet BV based in Oldenzaal, NETHERLANDS. from Mixer Feeder Wagons Product line

  • lydia - Breeding

    The introduction of new varieties and species starts with the breeder. As a leading supplier, we maintain close contact with several breeders in the different product groups. These contacts result in a good knowledge transfer which will benefit the entire production chain.Also, C. Steenvoorden BV owns his own lily breeding program with objectives ...

    By C. Steenvoorden B.V. based in Hillegom, NETHERLANDS.

  • Cryopreservation - Higher Yielding Stock

    Cryopreservation of milt speeds up the introduction of new, profitable cultivation steps to the farmers with 25%. A breeding program based on cryopreserved milt has the potential to cut one year off the breeding cycle. For Atlantic salmon that means introducing the next cultivation steps every three years compared to the current four without ...

    By Cryogenetics AS based in Hamar, NORWAY.

  • CBMAX9™ - Elite Hybrid Highest Yielding Castor Bean Improved Seeds

    The years of continuous research, experiments and in cultivating and breeding of Castor Bean and other biofuel crops, CJP was able to develop a systematic breeding and cultivar development strategy. Newly bred cultivars are extensively tested in multi-location trials and true to type seeds are being produced with high quality standard CBMAX9™ ...

    By Advanced Biofuel Center based in Jaipur, INDIA.

  • Curtain Systems

    The climate in a modern cubicle barn must accommodate the requirements of the dairy cows 100 percent. 'Since the cattle has the nature of a polar animal' (quote, Grauvogel 1994), it prefers dry and cold environments to heat and humidity. A lack of fresh air means:

    By Arntjen Germany GmbH based in Rastede, GERMANY.

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