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  • How to use a Cimarron Stock Box

    How to use a Cimarron Stock Box

    What is a stock box?Stock Boxes are used for safely hauling small animals, such as dogs, goats, sheep and hogs, etc. Stock Boxes can sometimes be referred to as “truck toppers.” They’re a great way to haul your animals economically and conveniently. Stock boxes are made from aluminum and are built to be a long-lasting solution for your animal transportation needs helping

  • HVLS Fan For Agriculture

    HVLS Fan For Agriculture

    HVLS Fan For AgricultureIf your are raising livestock, you must have meet some problems, such as moisture, pathogens, heat and smelly gases. So proper ventilation is a serious business. In order to ...


  • Characteristics and introduction of livestock fan

    The animal husbandry fan, also known as the negative pressure fan, is a new type of ventilation fan and belongs to the axial flow fan. It is mainly used in the negative pressure type ventilation cooling project and is called a negative pressure fan. ...

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  • Livestock Housing Hot-Water Convection Heaters

    Livestock Housing Hot-Water Convection Heaters

    Main advantages: Convection heaters are becoming increasingly popular, since they signifi­cantly improve the house climate (reduced CO2 concentration in the house air). The objective is to maximise the heat output. This is achieved by a radiator with a large surface. The heating elements are either mounted directly beneath the air inlets (fin heater) to heat the incoming air, or they are ...