Livestock Climate

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Dairy Farms need IPEX too Case Study

    T he Pelletier dairy operation near La Pocatière, Québec needed a wiring and panel upgrade that would be sturdy enough to manage the demands of an 80-cow dairy herd and the insurance ...


  • Characteristics and introduction of livestock fan

    The animal husbandry fan, also known as the negative pressure fan, is a new type of ventilation fan and belongs to the axial flow fan. It is mainly used in the negative pressure type ventilation cooling project and is called a negative pressure fan. ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Advanced Climate Control System

    Advanced Climate Control System

    Advanced climate control features in the ACS2 optimize the climate control process in the building. The software in the ACS2 determines the “dehumidification potential” and automatically stops the dehumidification process if useless.