Livestock Housing

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Plush Pillows & Cushions

    Plush Pillows & Cushions

    Cartoon Pillows are specially designed to imitate varies most popular animals. That not only could be a pillow but also a cushion. Besides, most important, it looks like a stuffed plush toy. It's really versatile. Thanks to the specially processed materials, it can keep away most of the harmful bacteria, fungi and mites. The pillows can protect your kids naturally as they are hugged in their ...

  • Market Map

    Where is yiwu in china on a map?Yiwu Intl trade market has 5 different districts for different products. And we can be clear by browsing the Yiwu china map.  District 1:1st floor.: ...


  • An Immediate, Flexible Alternative to a Permanent Building

    A flexible alternative to a permanent building, the Livestock pop-up is an immediate housing solution for calves and sheep. The Pop-Up structure gives freedom to move and a complimentary prospect for planning on a sensitive site.A demountable ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Advanced Climate Control System

    Advanced Climate Control System

    Advanced climate control features in the ACS2 optimize the climate control process in the building. The software in the ACS2 determines the “dehumidification potential” and automatically stops the dehumidification process if useless.