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  • Ultra Efficient Wall Fan for Livestock House Climate
    Showcase Product

    Ultra Efficient Wall Fan for Livestock House Climate

    By DACS A/S

    MagFan (world pat. pending) wall fan offers an unprecedented combination of high capacity, high pressure and extreme efficiency. The unit completely changes the perception of a fan. The stackable components offer safe, ...

  • Micro Sprinkler Irrigation
    Showcase Product

    Micro Sprinkler Irrigation

    By Irritec S.r.l.

    For watering gardens, lawns and flowerbeds, and controlling the microclimate in orchards and vineyards by cooling the air in hot weather.

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  • DACS A/S

    DACS A/S

    DACS A/S is a family-owned company with 30 years experience of developing, producing and delivering ventilation and control systems for livestock ...

  • Irritec S.r.l.

    Irritec S.r.l.

    Irritec is one of the top five irrigation manufactures in the world serving more than 90 countries worldwide and with over 350 dedicated employees ...