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  • Bio-organic Fertilizer Types and Production Methods

    Bio-organic fertilizer is a bio-organic fertilizer that uses animal manure and straw to be processed by beneficial microbial fermentation and organic fertilizer production equipment. Bio-organic fertilizer contains a large number of beneficial microorganisms, and the application effect is remarkable. Organic fertilizer type(1) Crop straw decomposition agent, livestock


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  • Livestock Housing Hot-Water Convection Heaters

    Livestock Housing Hot-Water Convection Heaters

    Main advantages: Convection heaters are becoming increasingly popular, since they signifi­cantly improve the house climate (reduced CO2 concentration in the house air). The objective is to maximise the heat output. This is achieved by a radiator with a large surface. The heating elements are either mounted directly beneath the air inlets (fin heater) to heat the incoming air, or they are ...