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  • Laparoscope Veterinary Endoscopes
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    Laparoscope Veterinary Endoscopes

    By by Medit Inc.

    Medit’s veterinary Laparoscopes feature clean and crisp rigid glass lens optics coupled with durable stainless steel, and a light post with different adapters for our light sources, or pre-existing light sources ...

  • Veterinary Oto-Endoscope Set
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    Veterinary Oto-Endoscope Set

    By by Medit Inc.

    Medit’s Multi-Purpose Vet-set, features an Oto-endosocpe which has been specially designed by veterinary professionals for universal diagnostics and routine procedures in both large and small animals. These ...

  • Cow Monitoring Systems
    Showcase Product

    Cow Monitoring Systems

    By BouMatic

    Welcome into the world of animal health monitoring and powerful heat detection solutions. HeatSeeker™ RT+ combines activity level with eating behavior data for the best herd management decisions. Save money while ...

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  • T3 Technologies

    T3 Technologies

    T3`s core business is software and hardware integration. Our portfolio is built around our unique offering of software development (pc, mobile, and ...

  • HerdStar


    HerdStar has become the leader in providing solutions from tracking individual animal behavior and growth to cost effective feed bin monitoring. ...

  • AgriCamera - Rugged Networks Ltd

    AgriCamera - Rugged Networks Ltd

    AgriCamera is an innovative supplier of wireless calving and lambing cameras for livestock monitoring. Our cameras are manufactured specifically for ...

  • DigsFish Services Pty Ltd.

    DigsFish Services Pty Ltd.

    DigsFish Services Pty Ltd company emerged from the need for a professional, independent, industry focused aquatic animal health service for ...

  • Valley Agricultural Software (VAS)

    Valley Agricultural Software (VAS)

    Valley Agricultural Software (VAS) as the name implies is agriculture first and then software. While we are very proud of our software products we ...