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  • Delivery Systems
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    Delivery Systems

    By WPS Horti Systems B.V.

    There is a lot of money to be earned in the delivery phase. And not only by setting a smart sales price and fulfilling orders fast. You can save a lot of money by optimising your logistics, efficiency and use of space. ...

  • Precision Real-Time Zone Determination Sensor
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    Precision Real-Time Zone Determination Sensor

    By Ubisense Limited

    Ubisense AngleID is a next generation RFID solution that measures RF angles to detect tags entering and exiting user defined zones.  Simple to set up, it can be deployed in under 10 minutes in industrial ...

  • Long Range Eartags
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    Long Range Eartags

    By Moocall Ltd

    Contains 25 Moocall RFID long range eartags. These ear tags will not interfere with any other RFID tags, and are not reusable.

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  • Advanced Animal Diagnostics, Inc.

    Advanced Animal Diagnostics, Inc.

    Lab-quality testing that results in healthier animals, improved food quality, and an enhanced business process. Our Mission: Advanced Animal ...

  • Cowlar


    Managing dairy farms can be really challenging. We help dairy farms take the guesswork out of operations. Our smart neck collars monitor dairy cows ...

  • DairyLive - a brand by Living Software, Inc.

    DairyLive - a brand by Living Software, Inc.

    Since DairyLive was introduced in 1999, dairy professionals from around the United States and the world have been impressed with its ease of use and ...

  • Y-TEX Corporation

    Y-TEX Corporation

    Y-TEX Corporation is dedicated to the livestock industry. For over 40 years our skilled people and state of the art facilities have ensured superior ...

  • Trovan Ltd.

    Trovan Ltd.

    Trovan, Ltd. is a privately held United Kingdom company. Established in 1988, the company develops and markets radio frequency identification (RFID) ...