Livestock Production

Articles & Whitepapers

  • JM Farm Pond Water Case Study

    JM Farms, located in Kentucky, had been experiencing significant buildup of biofilm and slime in the water system. The biofilm and slime buildup led to water with a poor taste and odor, decreased water and feed consumption, longer flock cycles and fewer-than-expected head sold, which resulted lower revenue for the farm. Understanding the impact that better treated water can have on the key ...

  • Catastrophic cost of Foot and Mouth Disease

    Foot and Mouth disease has never completely disappeared. Although it has been almost 20 years since the last major outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease in the UK, which cost the industry more than ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Electricals Panels for Livestock House Climate and Production Controllers

    Electricals Panels for Livestock House Climate and Production Controllers

    DACS builds panels for climate- and production controllers, motor protectors, switches and other electrical components, so that the customer receive a panel that just needs to be connected to the electrical installation in the building. All components in the board are internally connected and tested before the board leaves DACS.


Upcoming Events

  • Agrilevante - 2019

    Agrilevante - 2019

    The event is dedicated to machines, plants and technologies for agriculture, and is the most important event in the field of agriculture, not only for the central and southern Italy, but for the entire Mediterranean basin, Europe and the Balkans middle East.

Agrilevante - 2019

Oct. 9rd - 12th | Bari